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Palm and Desktop Database Versions of Crop Protection Guide for Tree Fruits in Washington

Note: some disease recommendations are for 2002 & 2003. More current ones are being added.

You can also get the text format 2006 Crop Protection Guide for Tree Fruits in Washington in Adobe pdf.

The palm databases currently require thinkDB (this was sold to dataviz, but will still work) or Smart List to Go, which is available online at (www.dataviz.com). It might also be at Staples or Office Depot, or other places that sell software. The cost of this database is about $50 and includes a desktop version (for Windows only). However, you do not need the desktop version to use the program on the palm, so macintosh palm users can still use the palm version of the database. Install the database using the directions on their web site or included with the program. You must install the database before you load the datafiles for the palm. To install the datafiles, double click on the downloaded recommendation files and they will start the hot synch manager and load the files into the install program. Press the hotsynch button and the files will be loaded and ready for use. READ THE DOCUMENTATION BELOW on how to use the files.

The data files for the Palm available are (work for both Macintosh (OS 9, OSX) or Windows):
  • Updated for 2006: Apple 2006 Insecticide Recommendations (zip archive)
  • Updated for 2006: Pear 2006 Insecticide Recommendations (zip archive)
  • Updated for 2006: Cherry 2006 Insecticide Recommendations (zip archive)

Microsoft Access:
Access is a database program provided with Microsoft Office for Windows. Currently the data files available are:

Filemaker Pro (v. 5.5):
Filemaker is a cross-platform database that works on both Macintosh (OS 9, OSX) and Windows. Filemaker must be purchased before the data files below can be used. The data files (work for both Macintosh (OS 9, OSX) or Windows) available are:

The documentation for all three programs is in the file below.

Other Databases will be added to this page as they become available. Look for other stone fruit recommendations to be up shortly.

Databases and documentation created by Vince Jones, Gary Grove, and Chang-Lin Xiao.

Updated April 12, 2006


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