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Research reports from the 77th annual conference
January 15, 16 & 17, 2003

Number Author(s) Title
1Riedl, H.Old and new pest problems on tree fruits in the Mid-Columbia area
2Beers, E.H., M. Klaus, A. Gebhard, S. Cockfield, R. Zack, C.W. O'BrienWeevils attacking tree fruits in Washington
3Cockfield, S.D., E.H. BeersSusceptibility of apple cultivars to damage by Campylomma verbasci
4Cockfield, S.D., D.G. Johnson, E.H. Beers, R.S. ZachEcology of western flower thrips in intra- and near-orchard habitats
5Higbee, B.SEffects of sanitation practices on almond mummies infested with navel orangeworm
6Pszczolkowski, M., J.J. BrownPolyphagy in codling moth neonates
7Brown, J.J., N. Kittelson, G. Hannon, D. WalshWithout those 'damn' apples!
8Eastburn, C.C., V.P. JonesEffect of Bt on phenology of obliquebanded leafroller and pandemis leafroller
9Krupke, C., J.F. Brunner, V.P. JonesThe growth and development of the consperse stink bug, Euschistus conspersus, on selected potential host plants present in orchard ground cover
 Mating Disruption / SIR
10Gut, L., L. Stelinski, D. Thomson, J. MillerPredicting the success of mating disruption
11Knight, ACodling moth behavior-our last and best chance to understand MD
12Wiman, N.G., V.P. JonesEffect of delayed mating on obliquebanded leafroller reproductive rate: Implications for mating disruption
13Valdez, B., J.F. BrunnerCodling moth and leafroller mating disruption evaluated using sprayable pheromones
14Doerr, M.D., J.F. Brunner, B. ValdezNew uses for an old technology: Scentry fiber-pheromone formulations for codling moth and leafroller mating disruption
15Epstein, D., L. Gut, P. McGhee, M. HaasEvaluation of new mating disruption formulations
16Stewart-Leslie, J.Comparison of sprayable mating disruption to conventional pesticide program for codling moth management in walnuts
17Eng, J.A., E. Holmes, T. Larsen, S. Stadlmann, K. KetnerEffects of sunlight on encapsulated sprayable codling moth pheromone
18Ketner, K., J. Eng, E. Holmes, T. LarsenEffect of rainfall on encapsulated codling moth pheromone
19Kirsch, P., K. Shukin, G. GriesLast Call CM: Effective codling moth control in apple orchards in British Columbia
20Kirsch, P., J. McLaughlin, D. CzokajloControl of codling moth with attract and kill
21Kirsch, P., G. Booysen, D. Czokajlo, J. McLaughlinPheromone dose response of attract and kill formulations targeting leafrollers
22Alston, D.G.Evaluation of three consecutive years of mating disruption for control of greater peachtree borer (Synanthedon exitiosa) in peach
23Czokajlo, D., P. KirschNew trap and lure formulations for Rhagoletis species and olive fruit fly
24Knight, A.Ridding orchards of codling moth-one female at a time
25Czokajlo, D., D. Robacher, J. McLaughlin, P. KirschNew lure formulations maximize Anastrepha fruit fly captures
26Booysen, G., J. McLaughlin, D. Czokajlo, P. KirschNew formulations for Ceratitis fruit fly trapping and control
27Smith, R., M. Larsen, P. KirschLast Call CM: Effective codling moth control in Canadian Maritime apple orchards
28Sack, C.V., G. Booysen, J. McLaughlin, D. Czokajlo, P. KirschLast Call attract and kill: Effective control of Cryptophlebia in citrus and macadamia in South Africa
29Mansour, M., J. McLaughlin, P. KirschLast Call in Syria: Effective codling moth control under extreme pressure
30Evenden, M., A. Orsatti, J. McLaughlin, P. KirschInitial development of attract and kill technology against the oriental fruit moth
31McGhee, P., L. Gut, M. HaasReduced-risk pest management programs for MI apple, Year 1
32Shearer, P.W., A. AtanassovEastern RAMP: Successes and impediments to implementing non-OP peach IPM programs in the East; Year 1
33Walgenbach, J.F., C.L. ThayerReduced-risk pest management programs for North Carolina apples
34Brunner, J.F., T. Alway, B. Beers, J. Dunley, V. JonesAreawide II implementation project in apple, Year 2 results
35Dunley, J., B. GreenfieldAreawide organic pest management in pear
36Bentley, W., S. Steffan, C. Hernandez, R. CovielloImplementing arthropod pest management in stone fruits without broad-spectrum insecticides
37Weddle, P., L. ElworthThe California walnut IPM expansion project
38Jones, V.P., G. GroveDevelopment of Palm Pilot based spray recommendation databases for deciduous fruits
 Thresholds / Monitoring
39Jones, V.P., C.C. EastburnGeostatistical analysis of pandemis and obliquebanded leafroller distribution in apple
40Omeg, M.Implementing an IFP weather station network
41Whalon, M.E., A.B. CoombsPlum curculio monitoring in the Midwest: Implications for the Pacific Northwest
42Caprile, J.Using kairomone lures to monitor codling moth in California apple orchards under mating disruption
43Knight, A.Effectively monitoring codling moth with the DA lure
44Light, D.M., A.L. Knight, K.M. Reynolds, M. BrewerProgress in use of the 'DA' kairomone for monitoring codling moth populations in Californian walnuts
45B. G. Zoller and A. M. ZollerComparison of kairomone DA 2313 and pheromone lure trapping for codling moth with oviposition monitoring
 Biological Control
46Cossentine, J., K. Deglow, L. JensenAssessing the biologies of key indigenous leafroller parasitoids
47Unruh, T.Rose plantings increase leafroller parasitism in orchards: A story for the Rose City
48Alston, D.G.Efficacy of two entomopathogenic nematodes for control of plum curculio in lab and field bioassays
49Quénin, H., P. LaurCarpovirusine granulosis virus formulation: Control of resistant strain of codling moth and study of the vertical transmission of the virus
50Brooks, D.J., A.T. Walston, H. RiedlAugmentation of pear psylla natural enemies with selective insecticides, habitat modification, and hedgerow monitoring
51Light, D.M., A.L. Knight, K.M. Reynolds, M. BrewerDevelopment of kairomone-based mass-trapping control of codling moths in Californian walnuts and apples
52Steffan, S.A., W.J. Bentley, C.V. Hernandez, S.B. MallekConservation biological control in California stone fruit: A case study of San Jose scale and its aphelinid parasitoids
 Resistance Management
53Schaub, L., S. Sardy, G. CapkunNatural variation in baseline data - when do we call a new sample ""resistant"?
54Knight, A.The OP-MD connection in effectively managing codling moth
 Chemical Control/New Products
55Walston, A.T., D.J. Brooks, H. RiedlControl of pear psylla with chloronicotinyl insecticides
56Walston, A.T., D.J. Brooks, H. RiedlControl of San Jose scale with different application timings of Esteem (pyriproxifen)
57Dunley, J.E., B.M. GreenfieldPear psylla control-New materials, new prospects
58Dunley, J.E., B.M. GreenfieldControl of grape mealybug on pear: An investigation of rates and timings
59Alston, D.G.Evaluation of new insecticides for control of green and woolly apple aphids in apple - 2002
60Alston, D.G.Codling moth control in apple - 2002
61Granger, K.R., J.F. Brunner, M.D. DoerrManaging codling moth with new insecticides: Assail, Intrepid and Success
62Dunley, J.E., B.M. GreenfieldNew insecticides for control of codling moth on pear
63Hilton, R.J., P. VanBuskirkCodling moth programs and material evaluations in southern Oregon pear orchards
64Van Steenwyk, R.A., S.K. Zolbrod, R.M. NomotoControl of codling moth with reduced risk insecticides in pears
65Elkins, R.B.Control of codling moth in organic pear orchards
66Pszczolkowski, M.A., J.J. BrownFeeding stimulant that mimics monosodium glutamate and has improved rain-fastness
67Dunley, J.E., B.M. GreenfieldNew acaricides for control of spider mites on pear
68Alston, D.G.Spider mite control in apple and tart cherry - 2002
69Van Steenwyk, R.A., S.K. Zolbrod, R.M. NomotoEuropean red mite control in pears
70Van Steenwyk, R.A., S.K. Zolbrod, R.M. NomotoTwospotted spider mite control on sweet cherry
71Van Steenwyk, R.A., S.K. Zolbrod, R.M. NomotoEvaluation of neonicotinoid insecticides for control of mountain leafhopper in sweet cherry Ð 2002
72Krupke, C.H., J.F. BrunnerIn-orchard management of the consperse stink bug, Euschistus conspersus, and associated non-target effects
73Van Steenwyk, R.AControl of walnut huskfly with a spinosad plus bait (GF-120)
74Musser, SResearch results of Messenger (a.i. Harpin Protein) in apple, pear and cherry
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