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Research reports from the 76th annual conference
January 9, 10 & 11, 2002

Number Author(s) Title
 Chemical Control/New Products
1Brunner, Jay F. and Michael D. DoerrNew insecticide chemistries for the management of codling moth and leafroller
2Beers, Elizabeth H. and Peter D. HimmelEffect of chloronicotinyl insecticides on phytophagous and predatory mite populations in a cover spray program
3Beers, Elizabeth H. and Peter D. HimmelField and laboratory trials against Western tentiform leafminer
4Beers, Elizabeth H. and Peter D. HimmelControl of Campylomma verbasci with registered and unregistered pesticides
5Beers, Elizabeth H. and Peter D. HimmelEffect of Esteem on San Jose scale
6Beers, Elizabeth H. and Peter D. HimmelEffect of various insecticides on first and second generation White apple leafhopper nymphs
7Beers, Elizabeth H. and Peter D. HimmelWoolly apple aphid control
8Dunley, John E., Bruce M. Greenfield and Larry H. BennettNeonicotinyls and IGRs for control of codling moth in pears
9Dunley, John E., Bruce M. Greenfield and Larry H. BennettControl of twospotted spider mites – handgun trial
10Dunley, John E., Bruce M. Greenfield and Larry H. BennettUse of new and registered compounds for control of grape mealybug on pears
11Dunley, John E., Bruce M. Greenfield and Larry H. BennettControl of pear psylla nymphs
12VanBuskirk, Philip D. and Richard J. HiltonEvaluation of registered acaricides in late season foliar applications in pear, 2001
13Hilton, Richard J. and Philip D. VanBuskirkPrebloom use of Esteem (ec and wp formulations) and Pyramite for control of pear psylla
14Hilton, Richard J. and Philip D. VanBuskirkEvaluation of codling moth controls: dimilin, novaluron and avaunt
15Alston, Diane G.Control of Western cherry fruit fly in tart cherry with neonicotinoid insecticides
16Alston, Diane G.Control of spider mites in apple and tart cherry with acaricides
17Grafton-Cardwell, Elizabeth E. and Yuling OuyangLaboratory study of the effects of Volck oil on San Jose scale stages
18Combs, D. , H. Reissig, and C. SmithEvaluation of apple maggot control and an organic insecticide program
19Van Steenwyk, R. A. and W. W. CoatesTrue Bug Control with Neonicotinoids in Pears
20Van Steenwyk, R. A. and W. W. CoatesControl of walnut huskfly with a Spinosad plus bait (GF-120)
21Van Steenwyk, R. A. and W. W. CoatesControl of Codling Moth with Reduced Risk Insecticides in Pears
22McKinley, Norman, Steven Kijima, Gilbert Cook, and Dan SherrodAvaunt (indoxacarb): a new mode of action insecticide for control of several key orchard pests
23Pszczolkowski, Maciej A., John J. BrownFeeding Enhancements for Insecticide Targeting Neonate Lepidopteran Larvae
24Knight, Alan L.Managing Codling Moth with Kairomone/Sex Pheromone-Baited Stations in Apple
25Doerr, Michael D. and Jay F. BrunnerDevelopment of a temperature-dependent predictive model for Lacanobia subjuncta
26Whalon, Mark E., Andrea CoombsPlum Curculio: Headed West? Pheromones, Kairomones, Traps and Trapping Transecs 2001
27Dunley, John E., Elizabeth H. Beers, Vince P. Jones and Bruce GreenfieldEffect of Chloronicotinyls on Reproduction of Twospotted Spider Mites
28Breedveld, Koen G.H. and Lynell K. TanigoshiThe status of Cherry bark tortrix in Washington state
29Light, Doug, Kathy Reynolds, Alan Knight, Steve WelterDevelopment of Kairomone-Based Mass-Trapping and Other Control Tactics Targeting Both Sexes of Codling Moth in California Walnuts
 Mating Disruption/SIR
30Brunner, Jay F., Tomislav Curkovic, Stephen Cockfield and Andy D. KahnEvaluation of new technologies for codling moth and leafroller mating disruption
31Valdez, Betsy and Jay BrunnerLeafroller mating disruption and its use in commercial orchards
32McGhee, Peter, and Larry GutEfficacy of Mating Disruption Formulations That Combine Pheromone Blends
33Larsen, Thomas E.Field studies with encapsulated sprayable Codling moth pheromone
34Gut, Larry, Daniel Waldstein, Mike Haas and Peter McGheePerformance of Sprayable Mating Disruption Formulations
35Ketner, Kristin C.Effect of clay particle film on encapsulated sprayable codling moth pheromone release rate
36Agnello, Arthur M.Evaluation of different pheromone dispensing technologies for mating disruption of Oriental fruit moth in peaches
37Knight, Alan L.Integrated High Emission Low Point (I-HELP) Mating Disruption Systems for codling Moth and Leafrollers
 Implementation Programs
38Reissig, H., C. Smith, and D. Combs,Final year of an IPM demonstration program using soft insecticides to manage insecticide resistance and damage from the Obliquebanded leafroller in NY apple orchards.
39Alway, TedThe Wenatchee Valley pear ipm project (wvpp): 1999-2001
40Alway, Ted and Jay F. BrunnerBuilding a multi-tactic pheromone-based pest management system in the western United States- Areawide II apple project
41Weddle, Patrick W. and Larry ElworthThe California walnut IPM expansion project -Year 1-
 Thresholds, Monitoring and Sampling
42Knight, Alan L.Using the Kairomone Lure DA2313 to Monitor Codling Moth in Apple and Pear
43Light, Doug, Kathy Reynolds, Alan Knight, Carolyn Pickel and Joe GrantDevelopment of Kairomone-Based Monitoring for Both Sexes of Codling Moth in California Walnuts
44Doerr, Michael D. and Jay F. BrunnerMonitoring codling moth with a new pear-kairomone attractant (“DA Lure”, TRÉCÉ, Inc) in non-pheromone treated orchards
45Jones, Vincent P., Callie C. Eastburn, Jay F. BrunnerSpatial distribution of leafrollers attacking apple and implications for sampling programs
46Zoller, B. G. and A. M. ZollerSeasonal comparison of monitoring techniques for codling moth in mating disrupted pear orchards
47Zoller, B. G.Seasonal oviposition preference of Codling moth between cut and intact fruit of bartlett and bosc pear cultivars
48Cockfield, Stephen D.Estimating summer leafminer outbreaks from spring samples
49Cockfield, Stephen D.Are Mullein bug traps worth using?
 Biological Control
50Alston, Diane G. and Michael E. RedingEarly-season release of Galendromus occidentalis onto apple orchard ground cover for control of spider mites in trees
51Breedveld, Koen G.H. and Lynell K. TanigoshiTrichogramma cacoeciae, an egg parasitoid for control of Cherry bark tortrix
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