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Research reports from the 75th annual conference
January 10, 11, & 12, 2001

Number Author(s) Title
 Thresholds, monitoring, and sampling
1Dr. Alan Knight, Dr. Doug Light, and Dr. Scott LingrenMonitoring codling moth in apples with a bisexual attractant
3Mark Hitchcox and Michael W. KlausOriental fruit moth monitoring in Washington, 2000
5Broc ZollerOviposition preference of codling moth between cut and uncut fruit of Bartlett, Bosc, and Beurre hardy cultivars in the Sacramento Valley
7Broc ZollerBiased sampling of codling moth oviposition using a cut fruit technique to monitor mating disruption in Bartlett pears
9Bradley S. HigbeeA comparison of insects and spiders overwintering in conventional and CM mating disruption IPM programs
11S. D. CockfieldFlight of codling moth within mating-disrupted orchards
13Michael W. KlausApple maggot monitoring in Washington
15Peter J. LandoltImprovements in feeding attractants for noctuid moths
17Jay F. Brunner, Mike DoerrEvaluation of a food-bait lure for monitoring of Lacanobia fruitworm, Lacanobia subjuncta
19Christian H. Krupke and Jay F. BrunnerField attraction of consperse stink bug to synthetic pheromone sources
21E. H. Beers, P. D. Himmel, and R. TalleyInteraction of herbivory and water stress on whole canopy photosynthesis in apple
 Implementation Programs
23Ted AlwayThe Wenatchee Valley Pear IPM Project: Year 2
25A. Brooke PetersonWSHA pear IPM project
27Vanelle Carrithers, Astrid GebhardControl of Western flower thrips in apples using Success* Naturalyte* insect control
29David Epstein, Larry Gut, Charles Edson, Pete McGhee, and Dan WaldsteinMichigan Apple IPM Implementation Project - Year Two
31S. D. Cockfield and A. L. KnightBrewster Dual Areawide Management Project - Third year
33Peter W. Shearer, Atanas Atanassov, George Hamilton1, and Dean Polk1Reducing OP and carbamate use in New Jersy peach orchards
35H. Reissig, A. Agnello, J. Nyrop, and R. StraubManagement of the obliquebanded leafroller and organophosphate insecticide resistance with soft pesticides in New York apple orchards
37Rachel ElkinsAreawide control of codling moth using the Paramount Aerosol Pheromone Dispenser(r) (Shorey "Puffer") in Lake County, California 1996-2000
39Michael J. WillettA systems approach alternative to methyl bromide fumigation for the export of apricots, nectarines, and peaches to British Columbia, Canada
 Biological Control
41Andy Kahn, Travis Schoenwald and Betsy BeersEffect of Kaolin (Surround) on western tentiform leafminer and its principal parasitoid, Pnigalio flavipes
43Christian H. Krupke and Jay F. BrunnerIdentification of parasitoids of the consperse stink bug in north central Washington, and attraction to host-produced aggregation pheromone
47Lawrence. A. Lacey and Thomas. R. UnruhUse of insect pathogens for control of codling moth and other Lepidopteran pests of apple in the Pacific Northwest of the United States
49Tammy K. Wells-Wilkinson, Douglas A. Landis, Larry J. Gut, & William C. KaufmanParasitism of obliquebanded leafroller, Choristoneura rosaceana (Harris) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae), in Michigan apple orchards
51H. RiedlBiological pear psylla control in orchards treated with mating disruption and organophosphate insecticides
 Chemical Control/New Products
53R. A. Van SteenwykControl of codling moth with nicotinoid, pyrethroid, and reduced risk insecticides in pears
55Jay F. Brunner, Mike DoerrComparison of application methods for control of insects
57R. A. Van SteenwykTrue bug control with nicotinoids in pears
59R. A. Van SteenwykTrue bug control with pyrethroids in pears
61T.J. Niedlinger and A.E. DuttleIntrepid(tm): New molt accelerating chemistry for control of lepidopterous pests in pome fruits of the Pacific Northwest
63H. Reissig, Cynthia Smith, and David CombsField and laboratory tests of new insecticides against the apple maggot
65David Combs, W. Harvey Reissig and Cindy SmithEvaluation of potential insecticides for use in organic apple production
69David Combs, W. Harvey Reissig and Cindy SmithEvaluation of insecticides against New York apple arthropod pests, 2000.
73J. E. Dunley, B. M. Greenfield, L. H. Bennett, and G. T. HannigEvaluation of new miticides for control of spider mites in pear
75John E. Dunley, Greg T. Hannig, Bruce M. Greenfield and Larry H. BennettNew insecticide evaluation for prebloom control of pear psylla
77John E. Dunley, Greg T. Hannig, Bruce M. Greenfield and Larry H. BennettNew insecticide evaluation for postbloom control of pear psylla
79John E. Dunley, Bruce M. Greenfield, Larry H. Bennett, and Greg T. HannigUse of Kaolin and Raynox for seasonal control of pear psylla
81H. Riedl, D. DeVore, S. Emmons, J. Farnsworth, G. McCarty, M. Omeg, and J. SnellingNew insecticides for pear psylla (Homoptera: Psyllidae) and codling moth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) control
83J. E. Dunley, B. M. Greenfield, and L. H. BennettEvaluation of new insecticides for control of grape mealybug
85J. E. Dunley, B. M. GreenfieldSeasonal control of codling moth in pears
87Michael Reding & Diane AlstonCalypso & Intrepid for control of codling moth
89Walt Bentley, Lee Martin, Dick Rice, Brian Ribeiro, and Kevin DayFurther investigations in the management of San Jose scale with narrow range horticultural oil
93Alan Knight, Doug Light, and Scott LingrenManagement of codling moth with DA2313: A bisexual attractant
95Brian Deeter & Mark ParrishAssail - a new product for codling moth control
97Gary MelchiorMesa: A new miticide/insecticide for use in pome fruit
99Kurt Volker and Aaron BurkeyWarrior T for control of codling moth, western tentiform leafminer, and rosy apple aphid on apples and effects on mites
101Richard J. Hilton and Philip VanBuskirkPear psylla prebloom control options
103Richard J. Hilton and Philip VanBuskirkEvaluation of two new acaricides in pear
105Michael Reding & Diane AlstonSuccess for control of peach twig borer in peaches
107Barat Bisabri, Robert Van Steenwyk, Steve Dietz, and Tim KsanderSuccess*, A new tool for stone fruit IPM
109Zhongmin Wei, Steven P. ParkerMessenger(r) a new tool for IPM
111Mike Willett, Hugh W. Ewart and James R. Cranney Jr.Pesticides of interest to Northwestern U.S. deciduous tree fruit producers
113Walt Bentley, Brent Holtz, Lee Martin, Brian Ribeiro, Chris Wiley,Developing insecticide treatment guidelines for obliquebanded leafroller, Choristoneura rosaceana, in Pistachio
 Pesticide Resistance
115John E. Dunley, Jay F. Brunner, Michael D. Doerr, and Elizabeth H. BeersBaseline insecticide tolerances and cross-resistance in Choristoneura rosaceana and Pandemis pyrusana (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)
117Peter W. Shearer, K. Amin Usmani, Greg Krawczyk2, Larry Hull2,Larry Gut, Harvey Reissig, and Art AgnelloToxicological response of male oriental fruit moth collected from eastern apple orchards to azinphosmethyl
 Biology/ Phenology
119Greg T. Hannig and John E. DunleyReproductive differences between sex ratios in pear psylla
121H. RiedlPear thrips (Thysanoptera: Thripidae): An old pest reawakens
123Barry B. Bai, Kerri Schwarz, Karl Puls, Jennifer O'NeilDetection, flight phenology, and population monitoring of Oriental fruit moth and lesser apple worm in the Willamette Valley, OR
125Tomislav M. Curkovic, Jay F. Brunner, and Peter LandoltCourtship behavior of obliquebanded and pandemis leafroller
127Peter J. LandoltSuitability of weeds and crops as hosts for Lacanobia subjuncta
129Jay F. Brunner, Mike DoerrDevelopment and validation of a degree day model to predict phenology of Lacanobia fruitworm, Lacanobia subjuncta
131M. Omeg and H. RiedlBiology and management of the obliquebanded leafroller in sweet cherry
 Mating Disruption/SIR
133Vanelle Carrithers, Lyla Lampson, Steve Cockfield, and Ken JenkinsUse of Success* Naturalyte* insect control to control codling moth in mating disruption programs in apples
135Alan L. KnightHigh emission, low density point pheromone sources for management of codling moth and leafrollers
137Thomas E. Larsen, James Grenzebach, Lyla Lampson, Rick HiltonField results with sprayable codling moth pheromone
139Alan L. Knight and Tom LarsenThe influence of spray application method on the efficacy of a microencapsulated sprayable codling moth pheromone
141Matt Singleton, Frances Cave, and Stephen WelterMating disruption of codling moth using sprayable formulations: Trap suppression as a first look
143Lucia G. Varela and Greg BalogTrap suppression using different CM pheromone dispensers
145Frances Cave, Matt Singleton, and Stephen WelterArea of influence of aerosol emitters: Immediate and residual effects
147Larry Gut, Peter McGhee, Mike Haas, Carlos Garcia-Salazar and John WiseEvaluation of MEC formulations in Michigan
149Larry Gut, Piera Giroux, Peter McGhee, Carlos Garcia-Salazar and James MillerMating disruption of moth pests in Michigan using the MSU microsprayer
151C. Pickel, W. Bentley, S. Welter, T. Prichard, R.Buchner, W. Olson, J. Hasey, and J. GrantWalnut PMA: Developing a codling moth mating disruption program
153M.J. IrwinMicroencapsulated pheromones: Improvements in release rate, stability, and rain fastness
155Rachel B. Elkins and David M. RizzoStudies in the biology and control of oak root fungus in California pear orchards
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