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Research reports from the 74th annual conference
January 5, 6, & 7, 2000

Number Author(s) Title
 Thresholds, monitoring, and sampling
1Helmut Riedl, L.E. Long, Michael OmegPrediction of Obliquebanded Leafroller Activity on Sweet Cherries for Improved Timing of Control Measures
2Thomas UnruhPresence-Absence Sampling Prospects for Pear Psylla
4Michael Klaus, Michael WillettOriental Fruit Moth Monitoring in Washington
6Alan Knight, Brad Christianson, Doug LightTwo New Developments in Monitoring Codling Moth: Better Long-lived Lures and a Novel Bisexual Attractant
7Richard HiltonComparisons of Trap Type and Long-lasting Lures to Monitor Codling Moth in Pheromone Treated Orchards
8Chris Nobbs, Jay Brunner, Peter LandoltBait Trapping for Leafroller and the Lacanobia Fruitworm
10Christian Krupke, Jay BrunnerAggregation Pheromone for Monitoring Stink Bug Populations in Orchard Borders
11Walt Bentley, Lee MartinSampling Grape Mealybug in Table Grapes
 Implementation programs
14Ted AlwayWenatchee Valley Pear IPM Project (WVPP)-Year 1
15Brad Higbee, Carrol CalkinsFive Year Summary of the W. Parker Heights CAMP Project
17Alan Knight, Brad Christianson, Steve Cockfield, John DunleyBrewster Areawide Management of Obliquebanded Leafroller and Codling Moth: Year 2
19B.G. ZollerCommercial Implementation of Delayed Hanging of Mating Disruption Pheromones for Codling Moth Control in 477 Acres of Pears in California in 1999
22Rachel ElkinsCodling Moth Mating Disruption in Pear Orchards Using the Shorey 'Puffer' Dispenser
25Michael WillettA Systems Approach Alternative to Methyl Bromide Fumigation for the Export of Apricots, Nectarines and Peaches to British Columbia, Canada
27Andrew KahnAugmenting Stink Bug Control with the Use of Pheromones
 Biological Control
30R.S. Pfannenstiel, T.R. UnruhLandscape Effects on Leafroller Parasitism
33Thomas UnruhCodling Moth Biological and Cultural Control: I. Tree Banding
34Thomas UnruhCodling Moth Biological and Cultural Control: II. Parasites and Parasitism
35Holly Ferguson, Lisa Neven, Lawrence LaceyEnhancing the Insecticidal Potential of Viral Pesticides for Codling Moth
 Chemical Control/New Products
37Tim SmithCherry Fruit Fly Control-Spinosad Rate
39R.A. ProgarEfficacy of MVPII Bt and Spinosad for Control of Filbert Leafroller on Hazelnuts
42R.A. ProgarEfficacy of Spinosad and Confirm for Control of Filbertworm on Hazelnuts
45R.A. VanSteenwyk, R.M. NomotoTrue Bug Control in Pears
47Richard Hilton, Philip VanBuskirk, David Sugar, Helmut RiedlThe Effect of Foliar Season Applications of Horticultural Mineral Oil on Pear Tree Productivity and Fruit Quality
48R.A. VanSteenwyk, R.M. NomotoSupplemental Confirm Applications in Codling Moth Mating Disrupted Pear Orchards
50R.A. VanSteenwyk, R.M. NomotoExtending the Organophosphate Per Harvest Interval in Pears by Late Season Confirm Applications
52D.F. Mayer, J.D. UndenResidual Bee Poisoning Bioassay
54B. Bisabri, D. Mayer, B.L. BretDetermining Re-entry Intervals for Pollinators Following Spinosad Applications
56B.L. Bret, M. Doerr, E. Peryea, J.F. BrunnerInfluence of pH on Spinosad Residual on Apple Pest Management
58B. Bisabri, R. VanSteenwyk, M. Doerr, J.F. Brunner, B.L. BretCodling Moth Pest Management with Spinosad
60Mike Doerr, Jay Brunner, Larry BennettEvaluation of Surround(r) (Kaolin) for Insecticidal Activity
62Jay Brunner, Gary Van Ee, Mike DoerrSummary of Entomology Tests Using a New ULV Sprayer Technology
64John Dunley, Bruce GreenfieldToxicity of Four Insecticides to Grape Mealybug
65Walt Bentley, Dick Rice, Kevin Day, Carlos HernandezManaging San Jose Scale with Mineral Oils in Plums
 Pesticide Resistance
67Greg Hannig, John DunleyComparison of Several Bioassay Techniques to Determine Levels of Susceptibility of Pear Psylla to Several Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs)
68Michael Reding, Diane Alston, Sherm ThomsonAssociation of Spider Mites and Powdery Mildew in Apple
69Mark Hitchcox, Pete Landolt, Jay Brunner, Richard ZackSeasonal Phenology of Lacanobia Fruitworm in Apple Orchards
70Mike Doerr, Jay BrunnerDevelopment of a Predictive Model for the Lacanobia Fruitworm
71Diane AlstonPlum Curculio Biology and Monitoring in Utah
73Barry Bai, Kerri Schwarz, Karl Puls, Jennifer O'NeilFlight Phenology of Oriental Fruit Moth and Lesser Apple Worm in the Willamette Valley, Oregon
75Alan Knight, Mike MarselloThe Areawide Distribution of Pandemis Leafroller Among Tree Fruit Crops in the Parker Heights District
77Christian Krupke, Jay BrunnerManagement of Native Vegetation for Control of Stink Bug
 Mating Disruption/SIR
79James Grenzebach, Thomas LarsenLaboratory Evaluations of Consep's Sprayable Pheromone Formulations
80Thomas LarsenField Evaluations of Consep's Sprayable Pheromone Formulations
82Thomas LarsenNew Products for Codling Moth Mating Disruption from Consep, Inc.
84Philipp KirschCodling Moth and Apple
85James Miller, Larry Gut, Rufus Isaacs, Piera Giroux, Peter McGhee, Brian Wright, Michael UlczynskiMating Disruption of Moth Pests in Michigan Peaches and Apples Using the MSU Microsprayer
87Howard ThistlewoodAreawide Codling Moth Management in the Okanagan-Kootenay Sterile Insect Release Program, 1999
89Thomas LarsenThird Year of Puffer Trials in Oregon and Washington
90Alan Knight, Brad Christianson, Mark GoehryAre Puffers as Good as Hand-applied Dispensers for Mating Disruption of Codling Moth and Obliquebanded Leafroller?
93Stephen Welter, Frances CaveDefinition of the Active Space of Pheromone Plumes from Aerosol Emitters, Paramount Puffers
94Diana McKenzie, Larry Gut, Rufus IsaacsAttraction of Obliquebanded Leafroller Males to Various Natural and Synthetic Sex Pheromone Blends
96Jay Brunner, Chris Nobbs, Peter LandoltStrategies for Leafroller Mating Disruption
98Chris Nobbs, Jay Brunner, Peter LandoltA Look at Lacanobia Fruitworm Mating Disruption
100C. Thies, J. ThiesMicroscopic Analysis of Tree Leaves Sprayed with Microcapsule Formulations
102M.J. IrwinMicroencapsulated Pheromones: Alternative for Integrated Pest Management
 Tree Fruit Diseases
103B.G. ZollerFireblight Control Experiences in the Sacramento Valley of California 1973-1999
105S. Ockley, S.V. ThomsonDetection of Erwinia amylovora on Leaves in a Blighted Apple Orchard
106Rachel Elkins, David RizzoStatus of Oak Root Fungus (Armillaria mellea) in North Coast Pear Orchards
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