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Friday, March 22, 2019

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Formatting your Abstract:

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Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx format)
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Single column
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8.5 x 11 inch paper size
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Naming the file for E-mail attachment:

If the senior author is submitting more than one paper in the same session, number them in the order you wish to present. If you are only submitting one paper within a session as senior author, omit the number.


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Abstract: You must submit your abstract by (Tuesday, December 1, 2015) in order to be included in the program. Submit to: wopdmc@wsu.edu.

Assurance Statement:  Please include one of the following assurance statements at the top of your abstract so we can determine the number of pesticide education credits available for Oregon.

  1. Presentation covers only currently registered pesticide uses in Oregon and/or other accreditable topics.
  2. Presentation contains some information about currently registered pesticide uses and a portion contains unregistered uses such as experimental research. Approximately ____ minutes will be spent on unregistered uses or other non-qualifying topics.
  3. Presentation will not contain any specific pesticide product or active ingredient information.

Session Names and Abbreviations:

Please type the most appropriate session name in the upper left corner of the page. Choose one of the session names, verbatim, from the left column below.

Session Name Abbreviation for File Attachment
Biological Control Biocontrol
Biology/Phenology Biology
Chemical Control/New Products Chemical
Implementation Implementation
Invasive Species Invasive
Mating Disruption/SIR Mating
Thresholds/Monitoring Thresholds


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Title Format:

The report title should be centered, using standard capitalization and lower case letters. Do not use manual line breaks, let it wrap.

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Authors' Names:

Author(s) names, centered, using standard capitalization and lower case letters.

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Senior Author's Affiliation:

The affiliation and address of the senior author, centered, using standard capitalization and lower case letters.

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Type in the word Keywords: (in italics), a colon, then a list of keywords, as many as you want: the names of the organisms (common and latin binomial); name of crop (common only), topic keywords (mating disruption, phenology model, etc). For pesticide tests or those using specific insect control products, give the chemical and brand name (compound number if no brand name yet) of the materials tested. See example abstract.

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This should be single-spaced with right and left justified margins, if possible.

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