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Dreamweaver vs CMS

Last updated March 19, 2009

One of the motivations for writing the TFREC CMS came out of a class I was conducting for Dreamweaver training. After a couple of sessions it became obvious to me that Dreamweaver has a fairly steep learning curve. Consequently, we analysed the critical functions that Dreamweaver provided and came up with basically two: a visual html editor and a database for holding information about the web site, including templating.

One of the frustrations with Dreamweaver for me as a web programmer was the limited functions provided for producing dynamic web pages and interfacing with databases.

When I discovered the TinyMCE editor, suddenly half the battle was done in moving away from Dreamweaver. The only function left to duplicate was creating an effective database. This turned out to be a plus because what I could do with the database was only limited by myself, not by decisions made by foreign developers.