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Mescalero Sand Dunes, NM

Last updated February 19, 2011

I spent two nights east of Roswell at the Mescalero Sand Dunes on my August, 2010 trip through eastern New Mexico. While this is an ORV area maintained by the BLM, I had it to myself along with the poor-wills and kangaroo rats.

The sand dune ecosystem is one of those singular areas. The predominate plant is an oak growing barely more than a few feet high, the Havard's Oak (Quercus havardii). My visit was shortly after acorn fall and I was fortunate to find a large crop. Some of the nuts had already begun to grow hypocotyls. I have one started under lights in my office at work.

A second outstanding plant is the Plains Yucca (Yucca campestris; given my ID is correct) growing in and among the oaks. Hopefully, plants from the seed I collected will make it in our eastern WA climate.

The following critter was captured in the above photo (upper left corner). It wasn't until I was examing the photo in Photoshop that I found out that I was being spied upon