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Last updated March 17, 2009

CMS stands for Content Management System. It's a set of procedures to store content (read information) into a database, and then present the information as requested.

The procedures we use at TFREC are based upon those developed for Gene Kupferman's Postharvest Information Network to store information from the former print Tree Fruit Postharvest Journal, to broaden its content and make it available on the web.

Later projects, which used enhanced versions of the routines include Orchard Pest Management, Crop Protection Guide, and Postharvest Diseases. The routines also were are used to facilitate use of several versions of the WSU template with many of the web pages on the TFREC web sites.

Storing information using a CMS into a database provides many advantages, the chief of which are

  • Information can be used in multiple formats
  • Allows for greater consistancy through the use of templates
  • Information can be managed for more effective use