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WSHA 2014 Annual Meeting Talks

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Talks presented at the Washington State Horticultural Association Annual Meeting, December 1—3, 2014 at Kennewick, WA




1. Minor Pests of Cherry and Their Management
--Elizabeth H. Beers, WA State Univ

2. Student Presentations on Cherry Research
--Jacqueline Gordon, Nadia Valverdi, Probir Kumar Das, & Suzanne Niemann; WA State Univ

3. High Density SSA plantings: how we can optimize Fruit Quality
--Stefano Musacchi, WA State Univ

4. Impact of Viruses on Cherry Fruit Size
--Dan Villamor & Ken Eastwell, WA State Univ

Past & Future

1. Are You in the Know? Resources that You Should be Utilizing
--Desmond R. Layne, WA State Univ

2. Labor Prospects for the Washington Tree Fruit Industry
--Michael Brady & R Karina Gallardo, WA State Univ

3. Trends Impacting the Supply & Demand of Fresh Fruit
--Roland Fumasi, Rabobank

4. A Meeting of the Minds on Orchard Systems and Production
--Stuart Tustin, Hawke's Bay Research Centre, New Zealand

5. 35th Batjer Address: Thirty-five Years of Crop Protection and Factors that will Shape the Future
--Jay Brunner, WA State Univ


1. Investing in Innovation: What Pays?
--Clark Seavert, OR State Univ

2. Innovation of Current Orchard Systems to Produce High Quality
--Stefano Musacchi, WA State Univ

3. Summary of Fire Blight Control Product Efficacy Trials 1998 - 2014
--Timothy J Smith, WA State Univ

4. Practical Strategies to Improve Management and Profitability of Pear Orchards
--Todd Einhorn, OR State Univ

5. New materials for fire blight control
--Ken Johnson, OR State Univ

Pest Management

1. Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD): a 5-Year Summary
--Elizabeth H Beers, WA State Univ

2. The Evolution of Pest Management Practices
--Jay Brunner, WA State Univ

3. Fire Blight, Using the Fire Blight Model on WSU DAS
--Timothy Smith, WA State Univ

4. Utilizing the WSU-DAS Version of the Spray Guide
--Ute Chambers, WA State Univ

Precision Horticulture

1. Economic Considerations of Precision Horticulture
--Clark Seavert, OR State Univ

2. How to use the Pollen Tube Growth Model
--Jim McFerson, Kevin Larson, Harold Schell, & Adam Zediker; WA Tree Fruit Research Commission

3. Precision Water and Nutrition Management
--Lee Kalcsits, WA State Univ

4. Opportunities to improve sweet cherry production efficiency
--Matt Whiting, WA State Univ

5. Horticultural Systems and Practices to Facilitate Mechanization in Apples and Pears
--Stefano Musacchi, WA State Univ

6. Can Light Interception of Intensive Apple and Pear Orchard Systems be Increased with new approaches to Tree Design?
--Stuart Tustin, Hawke's Bay Research Centre, New Zealand

Food Safety

1. Food Safety Modernization Act Outreach and Education
--Elizabeth Bihn, Cornell Univ



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