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Friday, March 22, 2019

Organic Tree Fruit Pest Management in the West: Bringing New Science to Old Problems

Symposium held 13 April, 2010 as part of

Pacific Branch Entomological Society of America
11—14 April, 2010
The Grove Hotel
Boise, ID



(names are linked to presentation PDFs)

Presenter Title
Elizabeth Beers Introduction
David Granatstein Organic Tree Fruit and Nuts: Growing, Growing, Gone?
Jay Brunner Management of Direct Pests in Organic Orchards: Successes and Challenges
Nick Mills Predation of Aphids in Organic Prunes: How Many Predators are Enough
Peter Shearer Peach Orchard Ground Cover Management Mitigates Bug Damage
Diane Alston Organic Stone Fruit Orchard Floor Management: Interactions Among Insects, Weeds, Water Use, and Crop Nutrition and Quality
Tom Unruh Who's Eating Whom: Evaluating Predators and Parasitoids and the Influence of the Farmscape Using Protein-marking and Gut Content Analyses
Vince Jones Enhancing BC in Organic Orchards Using HIPV Lures to Characterize, Monitor and Manipulate Natural Enemies
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