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Monday, February 18, 2019

SWD Project Logs for 2014


Friday, July 11:

Summary graphs for the 2014 season are now available from the WSU SWD website.

Friday, July 11:

SWD Update: Trap catches remain low again this week: Brewster, Wenatchee, Stemilt Hill and Mattawa all had positive trap catches for the first time this season however.

Thursday, July 10:

Wenatchee and Brewster positive for SWD: SWD catches remain very low this season, but this week saw catches in the Wenatchee and Brewster areas.

Thursday, June 26:

The trap catch of SWD for 2014 continues to lag behind last year, although we also have fewer traps reporting in 2014. No SWD larvae have turned up in packinghouse samples, another sign that pressure (so far) appears to be lower.


Friday, May 30:

Orondo positive for SWD:

A trap from the Orondo area was found to contain SWD today.

Thursday, April 3:

First SWD of the 2014 season caught in Quincy:

Although SWD have continued to be caught in the majority of regions from the end of 2013 and in to January of 2014, today's catch is the first of 'this season'. February and March were both zero catch months in Eastern Washington, except in Prosser / Sunnyside where SWD continued to be trapped.

Wednesday, January 29:

The WSU Spotted Wing Drosophila web site is currently being updated for the 2014 season with new maps and trap locations.

2014 trap history by region

RegionNumber of traps deployedFlies first
Brewster/Pateros1(Jan 16th) July 8th
Chelan/Manson1July 4th
Orondo-Beebe Bridge13(Jan 3rd) May 30th
Entiat1July 10th
Wenatchee/E Wenatchee/ Wenatchee River Valley3(Jan 2nd) July 8th
Stemilt Hill/Wenatchee Heights3(Jan 3rd) July 10th
Rock Island/Malaga2(Jan 15th)
Quincy/Moses Lake7(Jan 2nd) Apr 3rd
Royal City5(Jan 2nd) May 16th
Mattawa/Desert Aire4(Jan 2nd) July 10th
Yakima/Tieton1July 24th
Union Gap/Zillah0(Jan 2nd)
Sunnyside/Prosser31(Jan 22nd) May 6th

+Dates in parentheses are mid-winter catches

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