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Spotted Wing Drosophila

Monday, March 25, 2019

SWD Project Logs for 2012


Wednesday, August 29:

SWD in Oroville region: A trap from the Oroville region was found to contain SWD today.

Wednesday, August 8:

SWD in Stemilt Hill region: A trap from Stemilt Hill was found to contain SWD today.

Friday, July 20:

SWD in the Yakima/Tieton region: A positive catch was reported from the region today.

Friday, July 6:

SWD in the Quincy region: A trap sample from the Quincy region, collected yesterday, contained a female SWD.

Monday, July 2:

We currently have 12 of 17 regions positive for SWD at this point.  Trap catches remain low, but are not a good indicator of risk. Be aware that lack of trap catch in some regions may reflect low trap density rather than low fly density.  Also note that 6 drosophila larvae have been found in porch samples at packinghouses, and so far, 5 have been confirmed SWD.  This number of finds before July is in contrast to a single find in late August of  2011.  Wisdom dictates that cherries at a susceptible stage should be protected from this pest.

Friday, June 29:

One new region this week. Chelan / Manson was added to the list of positive regions this week. The number of positive traps, and SWD per trap, remains low. All positive traps this week were recorded from conventinally managed cherry orchards.

Monday, June 25:

SWD in the Chelan/Manson region. A trap sample collected on June 21st was found to contain a female SWD.

Friday, June 22:

SWD in the Othello region.  A trap located in the Othello region was found to contain SWD on 6/20

Tuesday, June 19:

SWD in the Entiat region. One male SWD was found in a trap checked today.

Thursday, June 14:

A trap collected in the Brewster region on June 12th contained a single female SWD.

Wednesday, June 13:

The 2012 data are now available in the summary graphs section.

You may enter the trap code you are interested in and see the capture data for that trap.

Friday, June 8:

The Orondo region added a second SWD capture site this week. The number of SWD in the positive traps from all regions remains low, mostly single specimens, of which 90% are female.

Friday, June 1:

Positive find in Orondo this week.  A single male was found in a trap in the Orondo region earlier this week.  This brings the total to eight positive regions to date.

Friday, May 25:

Two new positive regions.  Two regions were added to the positive list, Mattawa and Royal City, bringing the total to 7 regions with positive catches.  Most of the recent captures have been in conventional cherry orchards; however, numbers remain low (1-2 trap).  Please note that in some of the traps there are hundreds of other drosophila flies.  Looking for SWD is like the proverbial needle in the haystack.  British Columbia has also had several weeks of positive traps; they found 3 females this week, with a total of 4 positive regions.

Monday, May 21:

First capture in Wenatchee/East Wenatchee:  We had the first capture in the Wenatchee/East Wenatchee district last Friday, May 18, bringing the total number of areas with positive capture to FIVE.  We are having some web issues, the table and map will be updated as soon as we fix them.  In the meantime, the positive regions are Okanogan/Omak, Wenatchee/E. Wenatchee, Prosser, Tri-Cities, Union Gap/Zillah.

Friday, May 18:

Two new regions have first catch.  Three new traps were positive for SWD today, two in the Tri-Cities area, and one in the Union Gap/Zillah area.  This is four regions to date. It’s likely we will soon have sustained catch in most areas, since the captures range from the far north to the far southeast.  You can wait until your region has a positive catch, but you may also consider protecting your cherries as soon as they reach what we suspect is the susceptible stage:  FIRST PINK.   

Wednesday, May 16:

New Region has First SWD capture of 2012.  SWD have been captured in the Omak/Okanogan region.  In addition, there have been additional captures in the Prosser area.

Monday, April 30:

First 2012 catch of SWD in eastern WA:  The first two SWD (one male, one female) have been caught in eastern WA, in the Prosser area.  Please note they were NOT from a commercial orchard.  We are counting this as the first “official” seasonal catch, despite the 2 that were found in January.  

While cherries are not yet susceptible to attack, we need to be aware that 2012 could be a very different season than 2011.  For starters, the first capture last year was on 8 June

Wednesday, April 11:

The 2012 updated recommendations for spotted wing drosophila are now posted on the website. To view them, and the First Fly Alert Table, go to

Thursday, March 8:

As the season begins to warm up, we are gearing up for the 2012 trapping season.  The alert system and database should be up an running soon.  In the meantime, we actually have the first catch for 2012 - a male and a female in a single trap in the Mattawa area in late January.  However, we will be looking for sustained catch during the period of fruit vulnerability.

2012 trap history by region

RegionTraps deployedFlies first
Oroville/TonasketYesAugust 29th
Okanogan/OmakYesMay 9
Brewster/PaterosYesJune 12th
Chelan/MansonYesJune 21st
Orondo-Beebe BridgeYesMay 29th
EntiatYesJune 19th
Wenatchee/E Wenatchee/ Wenatchee River ValleyYesMay 18
Stemilt Hill/Wenatchee HeightsYesAugust 8th
Rock Island/MalagaYes---
Quincy/Moses LakeYesJuly 5th
Royal CityYesMay 24
OthelloYesJune 20th
Mattawa/Desert AireYesMay 23
Yakima/TietonYesJuly 20th
Union Gap/ZillahYesMay 7
Sunnyside/ProsserYesApril 30
Tri-CitiesYesMay 15
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