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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Worker Protection Standard Training

Note: There must be a licensed applicator available during the training to answer any questions you might have regarding the training video.  Please see your supervisor before proceeding.

Handler training - For unlicensed employees who apply pesticides under the direct supervision of a licensed applicator:  Open and view the PowerPoint training module.

Worker training - For employees who enter a field/orchard/greenhouse      where pesticides have been applied in the last 30 days:: Click on one of the videos under the “WPS Video for Workers” section.  

When you have finished the WSP training, please complete the form in your training packet.


Pesticide Safety and Handling

All employees are required to undergo training for pesticide safety and handling. After you have watched the four videos, take the quiz below.

As a reminder, pesticide application information, including date, time and re-entry interval for TFREC grounds and orchards is posted in the hallway above the mailboxes (Overley Building) and online:  It is YOUR responsibility to check the current spray information before working in the field.  

Please take the Pesticide Safety quiz.

This completes the web portion of your safety training.  Additional training may be required beofre you can assume your new job responsibilities.

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Pesticide Safety - Part 1a


Pesticide Safety - Part 1b


Pesticide Safety - Part 2a


Pesticide Safety - Part 2b

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