2012 June 18-21, Leavenworth, Washington, USA
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Apricot Root Development and Morphology as Influenced by Mulching and TurfgrassNeriItaly
Evaluating Orchard Floor Management on Soil QualityCulumberUSA
Ameliorating Effects of Some Basic Materials on Acidified Soil in Apple OrchardYuanChina
The Effect of Different Organic Fertilizers and Soil Conditioners on the Soil Microbial Populations in Organically Managed Strawberry PlantsMalusàPoland
Direct Seeding Legumes into Orchard Alleys for Nitrogen ProductionGranatsteinUSA
Fall-applied Fresh Cage House Poultry Manure as a Nutrient Source for Organic Apple ProductionEmbreeCanada
Orchard Floor Management Affecting the Performance of Young Organic ‘Honeycrisp’ Apple TreesReekieCanada


Development of a Real-Time PCR Assay for Erwinia tracheiphilaCaudleUSA
Strategic Irrigation against Apple Scab (Venturia inaequalis)KorsgaardDenmark
Biological Control of Phacidiopycnis Rot in d’Anjou PearsXiaoUSA
Assessment of Kelp Extract Biostimulants on Disease Incidence and Damage in a Certified Organic Apple OrchardBradshawUSA
The Effect of Hydrogen peroxide on Powdery Mildew Control of Melon(Cucumis melo L.)LeeKorea
Disease and Arthropod Evaluation of Five Apple Cultivars under Organic Management in Vermont, USABerkettUSA
Effect of Bordeaux Mixture Spray on fruit Quality of Grape cv. ‘Kyoho’ and Copper Accumulation in the Soil


Assessment of Kelp Extract Biostimulants on Arthropod Incidence and Damage in a Certified Organic Apple OrchardBradshawUSA
The effect of compost on extending entomopathogenic nematode lifespan and lethality against plum curculio in apple orchardsSelbyUSA
Alternative Monitoring and Management Tactics for Rednecked Cane Borer, Agrilus ruficollis, in BlackberriesKimUSA
Lures, Mating Disruption and Mass Trapping of Grape Root BorerJohnsonUSA
Seasonal occurrence of apple heliodinid moth (Stathmopoda auriferella) and its control by environmentally-friendly measures in organic kiwifruit orchardMa (Cho)Korea
Control of the Greater Peach Tree Borer (Synanthedon exitiosa (Say))(Lepidoptera: Sesiidae) in Small-scale Organic OrchardsGrasswitzUSA
Arthropod Responses to Understory Management in Organic Peach Orchards in Northern UtahTebeauUSA


Response of Blackberry Cultivars to Fertilizer Source in an Organic Production SystemStrikUSA
Water, Weed, and Nutrient Management Practices in Organic BlackberriesHarkins
Organic Blueberry Production Systems: Management of Plant Nutrition, Irrigation Requirements, and WeedsVollmerUSA
Evaluation of Day-Neutral Cultivars for Organic Strawberry Production in WashingtonHoashi-ErhardtUSA
Selection and utilization of natural pigments for artificial pollination of kiwifruitChoKorea
The Effect of Organic Fertilizers and Amendments on N Metabolism in Strawberry PlantsMalusàPoland
‘Fuji’ and ‘Delicious’ Apple Volatile Production during High CO2 or Low O2 Controlled Atmosphere StorageLumpkinUSA
Increasing Profitability with Organic Orchard Floor Management AlternativesAndrewsUSA
Using a Pollen Tube Growth Model to Improve Apple Bloom Thinning for Organic ProductionPeckUSA
High Tunnel Production of Organic Raspberries: Effects of Fertilization ManagementDoraisCanada


Integrated Rotation Systems for Soil Borne Disease, Weed and Fertility Management in Strawberry/Vegetable ProductionMuramotoUSA
Field Testing Tools for Organic Blueberry and Cranberry Production in British Columbia: Disease, Insect and Nutrient ManagementPrasadCanada
High Tunnels Facilitate Niche Market Organic Sweet Cherry Production Potential in the Great Lakes RegionLangUSA
High Tunnels for Organic Raspberry Production in Midwestern U.S. StatesGluck (Lang)USA
A brief outlook on Organic fruit culture in Iran. Future prospects and challengesAssarehIran

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