2012 June 18-21, Leavenworth, Washington, USA
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Thursday, June 21

800Plenary 2. Soil Management
Observations on the Biology of Organic Orchard SoilsBirdUSA
Soil Management in Organic Orchard Production SystemsNeilsenCanada
The Effects of Four Ground Cover Management Systems and Three Nutrient Sources on the Development and Performance of an Organic Apple Orchard in the Southern USRomUSA
850Concurrent Session 3 A. Soils and Crop Nutrition
Effect of Four Different Soil Management Techniques on Apple Root DevelopmentNeriItaly
Effect of Organic Fertilization on Soil Fertility, Tree Nutritional Status and Nutritional removal of Mature Nectarine TreesToselliItaly
Effect of Some Organic Fertilizers on the Growth and Yield of Pomegranate (Punica granatum) in IranMirjaliliIran
Fertility Management of Establishing Organic Blackcurrants (Ribes nigrum L.)HammermeisterCanada
Using Compost as Mulch for Highbush BlueberryForgeCanada
Effect on the soil physical property and fruit quality followed by subsoil breaking in organically converting kiwifruit (Actinidia chinensis ‘Haegeum’) orchardChoKorea
850Concurrent Session 3 B. Organic Fruit Systems
Prospects and Challenges of Organic Fruit Production in PakistanKhanPakistan
Organic Blueberries in South Chile. Challenges for GrowersKlein KochChile
Organic Rabbiteye Blueberries in the Southern Coastal PlainAndersenUSA
Developing Organic Stone-Fruit Production Options for Utah and the Intermountain WestReeveUSA
Organic Fruit Farming as a Prototype of Reconciling Performances?Bellon (Sautereau)France
1045Concurrent Session 4 B. Economics
Global Expansion of Organic Fruit AreaGranatsteinUSA
Organic versus Conventional Fruit Production Systems in California: Resource Use and Associated CostsKlonskyUSA
Economic Analysis of Five Apple Cultivars in a Top-Grafted Organic Orchard 2006-2011BradshawUSA
An In-Store Assessment of Consumers' Willingness-To-Pay for Organic Apples: Does Size Matter?SkuzaUSA
1045Concurrent Session 4 A. Research Funding Panel
Organic farming Research FoundationBirminghamUSA
Washington Tree Fruit Research CommissionMcFersonUSA
Organic industryBenbrookUSA
Organic Agriculture Centre of CanadaHammermeisterCanada
ISHS committee meeting - Next symposium, other activitiesPrangeCanada
1330Plenary 3.
Impacts of Organic Production Systems on Fruit Nutritional Quality and SafetyBenbrookUSA
Nutritional and Organoleptic Characterization of Apple Produced by Organic and Integrated Production Systems in Lleida (Spain)HuancaSpain
Linking Soil Health to the Nutritional Quality of FruitAndrewsUSA
Biological Control of Postharvest Diseases: Hurdles, Successes and ProspectsJanisiewiczUSA
How to Increase the Conversion Rate to Organic Fruit ProductionKlopp and QuastGermany
1515Plenary 4. Closing
Lessons learned – session reports
Key questions for discussion

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