2012 June 18-21, Leavenworth, Washington, USA
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Tuesday, June 19

800Plenary 1. The organic fruit system
WelcomeBob Prange, ISHS rep
The US Market for Organic FruitsDon HarrisUSA
Organic Fruit Development in EuropeFranco WeibelSwitzerland
The Challenge of Controlling Plant DiseasesImre HolbHungary
1015Plenary 1 cont'd The organic fruit system; OREI projects
Biological Pest Control in Organic Tree Crops in the Western U.S.: An OverviewNick MillsUSA
The potential impacts of genetics, genomics and breeding on organic fruit productionKate EvansUSA
OREI: Organic strawberries in CaliforniaJoji Muramoto and Steve PedersenUSA
OREI: Organic apples in VermontLorraine Berkett and Steve MeyerhansUSA
OREI: High tunnel organic fruit in MichiganGreg Lang and Jim KoanUSA
1315Concurrent Session 1A. Insect Biocontrol
Monitoring and Modeling Natural Enemies to Enhance Biological Control in Western US Tree CropsJones, V.USA
Habitat Modifications and Species-Specific Pest Control Products Can Reduce Pest Control CostsUnruhUSA
Green peach aphid (Myzus persicae (Sulzer)) control in organic plum orchardsCichonArgentina
Effect of a Commercial Extract of the Brown Seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum on Mites in Tree Fruit
Organic Management of Fruit fly in Jujube EcosystemMariPakistan
Three for One: An Organic Adjuvant that May Improve Management of Fruit Flies, Diseases, and Birds in Cherry and Small FruitsKnightUSA
1315Concurrent Session 1B. Horticulture 1
Performance in the Early Production Years of  Two Organic Orchards Established by Different Methods: Top-grafting and Newly PlantedGarciaUSA
High Tunnels and Annual Growing Systems for Organic Strawberry Production in Three Diverse EnvironmentsWaltersUSA
High Tunnel Production of Organic Strawberry grown on raised gutters – Effects of Fertilization Management on three CultivarsDoraisCanada
Effects of Weed and Nutrient Management Practices in Organic Pear OrchardsIngelsUSA
Transition to Organic Fruit Production: Impact on Yield and Environmental Performance of Muscadine (Vitis rotundifolia) in a Heavy SoilPanickerUSA
Effect of Organic Fertilizers on Photosynthetic Efficiency of Strawberry PlantsMalusąPoland
1515Concurrent Session 2 A. Plant Pathology
Systems Approach to Fire Blight Control in Organic Pear and Apple without AntibioticsJohnson, K.USA
Introducing Blossom Protect: An Effective Alternative to Antibiotics for the Control of Fire BlightParkerUSA
Effect of Spray Application Parameters on Viability of Bacterium Pseudomonas fluorescens Used as Bio-pesticide in Organic Fruit ProductionDoruchowskiPoland
Progress in Brassicaceae Seed Meal Formulation and Application for Replant Disease Control in Organic Apple OrchardsMazzolaUSA
Management of Phytophthora cinnamomi root rot disease of blueberry with gypsum and compostYeoUSA
Control of Bacterial Wilt in Organically Grown MuskmelonCaudleUSA
1515Concurrent Session 2 B. Horticulture 2
Assessment of Kelp Extract Biostimulants on Tree Growth, Yield, and Fruit Quality in a Certified Organic Apple OrchardBradshawUSA
Effect of Bio-Fertilizers and Soil Conditioners on the Quality of Apple Maiden Trees MalusaPoland
Mechanized String Thinners, An Effective Tool for Cropload Management in Organic Apricot ProductionLewisUSA
The OrganicA Project - Research on Weed Management Options for Organic Apple ProductionBradshawUSA
Disease resistant applesKloppGermany
Characterization of Berry Quality of Ribes nigrum in Relation to Harvest Timing and CultivarTaylor


Recent Postharvest Developments in Organic Fruits: The Good, the Bad and the DebatablePrangeCanada
1700Poster Session--see separate agendaRefreshments served
36 posters - Ballroom, Icicle Ridge Room; refreshments
time to visit individually
1915Adjourn dinner on your own

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