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Monday, February 18, 2019


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6845. Thomas, P.E.L. and P.J. Schwerzel. 1979. Weed competition in Rhodesian wheat.. Rhodesia Agric. J. 76(2):73.
Competition for more than thirty days significantly reduced grain yields in one season when frost damage occurred. In the other three seasons weed competition for the first 42, 102, or 72 days had little effect on yield. When the weeds were competing for the whole season (+/- 150 days) grain yields were significantly lower in three seasons.

8617. Liebman, M. and R.H. Robichaux. 1990. Competition by barley and pea against mustard: effects on resource acquisition, photosynthesis and yield.. Agric., Ecosys., and Environ. 31:155-172.
A barley monocrop and a barley/pea intercrop suppressed growth and seed yield of two weedy species of mustard. The negative effects of N and light deficits on the mustard's photosynthetic performance were quantified. The negative effects could be partly overcome by application of N fertilizer or use of a pea cultivar that intercepted less light.

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