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Friday, March 22, 2019


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3893. Liebl, R.A. and A.D. Worsham. 1983. Inhibition of pitted morning glory (Ipomoea lacunosa L.) and certain other weed species by phytotoxic components of wheat straw.. J. Chem. Ecology, 9(8), p.1027.
This study was conducted to determine if well-known phytotoxic effects of plant residues on crop growth could also be responsible for observed reductions of certian weed species in no-till cropping systems. An aqueous extract of field grown wheat reduced the germination and root length of pitted morning glory and common ragweed. Phytotoxicity was increased by about 70% when bioassays with the wheat extract on morning glory and ragweed were conducted in the presence of light. The compound isolated by TLC having the greatest inhibitory effects on morning glory germination was identified to ferulic acid.

3908. Lodhi, M.A.K., R. Bilal and K.A. Malik. 1987. Allelopathy in agroecosystems: wheat phytotoxicity and its possible roles in crop rotation.. J. Chem. Ecol., 3(8): p.1881.
The germination rates of cotton and wheat seeds were significantly affected by various extracts of wheat mulch and soils collected from the wheat field. This toxicity was even more pronounced against seedling growth. Various concentrations of ferulic and p-coumaric acids were toxic to the growth of radish in a bioassay. Wheat crop rotation, with wheat and cotton.

6673. Steinsiek, J.W., L.R. Oliver and F.C. Collins. 1982. Allelopathic potential of wheat (Triticum aestivum) straw on selected weed species.. Weed Sci., 30:495-497.
The allelopathic potential of wheat straw residue was evaluated on weed-seed germination and seedling growth. The inhibition of weed-seed germination and seedling growth was extract-, species-, and temperature-dependent.

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