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Monday, February 18, 2019


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453. Anon.. undated. A long range program for weed control.. V. Kaiser papers, box 3, folder 203.
Suggests a 7 yr rotation; yr 1 plant alfalfa/grass mix (brome, fescue, and orchardgrass); mow when needed; yr 2,3,4- cut for hay, or pasture; yr 4- plow around June 15, cultivate to control weeds; 2,4-D; dry plow after harvest; yr 6 - fallow, yr 7- winter wheat.

2889. Idaho Agr. Expt. Sta.. 1947. Annual report. ID Agr. Expt. Sta. Bull. #269.
Weed response to 2,4-D - perennials; alfalfa by fertilizer experiments - hay yield over 4 T/ac, responded to P,S; wheat yields after 7 yr alfalfa responded to S and ammonium sulfate; yields up to 68 bu/ac. T: weed response to 2,4-D.

7994. Stewart, V.R., L.S> Prestbye, T.K. Keener, and L.E. Welty. 1986. Weed control in sod-seeded alfalfa.. Montana AgResearch 3(1):21-24.

8001. Stewart, V.R., L.E. Welty, and P.F. Hensleigh. 1979. Evaluation of glyphosate in combination with various herbicides for sod-seeding.. West. Soc. Weed Sci. Abstr. p. 110.

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