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Monday, February 18, 2019


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463. Anon.. 1989. The winds of change.. Agrichemical Age, November 1989.
Adoption of chem fallow has been slow in the northern Plains, being used only on about 20% of the acres. It is one of the best practices to prevent wind erosion in the region. Roundup with 2,4-D and atrazine has been the standard treatment. Now Command is labelled for this use, and Command/atrazine is another choice. Carryover problems with atrazine can be avoided if rates are kept below 1/2 lb/ac.

1122. Buffum, B.C.. 1909. Arid agriculture: a handbook for the western farmer and stockman.. Worland, WY.
Topics include dryland and irrigated cropping, livestock, alternative forages (dwarf rape, kohlrabi); mentions weed and insect problems, and the use of pyrethrum sprays. Describes a weeder harrow for use in small grains after planting.

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