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Monday, February 18, 2019


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1738. Drum, B.B.. 1916. Some common weeds of the Palouse country, their seeds and seedlings.. MS Thesis, Washington State College, Pullman.
Detailed descriptions of names, origin, range, physiology, lifestage, economic significance, eradication, seeds, habitats, seed vitality, and identification of: Alyssum alyssoides (L)Govan; Amaranthus blitoides, Wats; A. graecizans, L.; A. retroflexus, L.; Bromus brizaeformis, Fisch.; Chenopodium album, L.; C. alba viride, L.; Cirsium lanceolatum, Scop.; Dipsacus sylvestris, L.; Erodium cicutarium, L.; Polygonum convolvulus, L.; Rumex acotosella, L.

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