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Monday, January 21, 2019


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1458. Cotton, W.R.. 1982. Hydrogeochemistry of groundwater near Pullman, WA.. MS Thesis WSU.
Wells were tested in 1981. 65 wells were sampled, all locations recorded. They could be potentially sampled again. Elevated nitrates in spring water, not in main aquifers. T: chemical analysis, nitrates.

1485. Crosby, J.W. and R.M Chatters. 1965. Water dating techniques as applied to the Pullman-Moscow groundwater aquifer. WSU College of Engineering Research Division Bull. #296.
Most groundwater dates from late Pleistocene glaciation. No measurable recharge in Moscow area in recent times. Pullman area has about 108 million gal/yr recharge, roughly 10% of current (1965) useage. Indicates low likelihood of ag chemical movement to primary aquifers. T: date analysis for specific wells.

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