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Monday, December 17, 2018


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293. Allmaras, R.R., R.W. Rickman, L.G. Ekin and B.A. Kimball. 1977. Chiseling influences on soil hydraulic properties.. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J., 41(4):796-802.
Hydraulic conductivity (K) and soil water desorption characteristic (SWDC) were field measured in the 120-cm soil profile of a Walla Walla silt loam before and after chiseling 43-cm deep. Chiseling affected both the SWDC and K in the upper 30 cm, but had no influence on these measurements at 40 cm. Water potential at constant water content in the SWDC and K were increased. Failure of chiseling to improve water relations in the mild duripan extendingfrom 30 to 45 cm suggests the need for addition of plant residue or chemical amendments into the chisel slots. Water contents and hydraulic heads during drainage showed that chiseling could reduce evaporation by reducing water content and diffusivity. T: Some chemical and mechanical properties of the test Walla Walla silt loam. Dry bulk density of the test Walla Walla soil before and after a chiseling treatment. Chiseling effects on soil water desorption characteristic at the 10,20,30 and 40-cm depths in the test Walla Walla soil. Calculated ave. hydraulic conductivity of the 120-cm Walla Walla soil profile as related to chisel depth.

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