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Friday, December 14, 2018


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8627. Harper, Jerry. 1990. 1990 Conservation Seeding Demonstration.. handout from the Palouse Conservation District, Pullman, WA 99163.
An on-farm demonstration of 9 different planter-tillage combinations was doen for winter wheat on a field in a 3 yr rotation. Roundup was applied 4 days prior to seeding, and no other pesticides were applied during the rest of the growing season. Fertilizer rates were 100 N, 20 P, and 10 S. Surface residue was measured after seeding. The dammer diker strip has a significantly lower residue cover than five other strips. The Palouse double disc no-till drill had the highest residue cover. All yields were statistically similar except the lower yield with the One-Pass drill (probably due to lodging in this strip). Strips with poor looking stands in the fall (dammer diker, chisel planter) yielded as good as the others. Yields ranged from 108-116 bu/ac, except for the One-Pass drill at 90 bu/ac.

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