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Saturday, December 15, 2018


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6489. Smith, H.W., S.C. Vandecaveye and L.T. Kardos.. 1946. Wheat production and properties of Palouse silt loam as affected by organic residues and fertilizers.. WA Agr. Expt. Sta. Bull. #476.
Examined soil properties from 2 plots at the WSC farm. T: Effects of treatments on nitrogen content of grain and straw. Effects of treatments in C and N changes in soil. Effects of treatments on aggregation and % saturation by sodium. Yields of wheat under annual cropping as affected by organic residue and N fertilizer, 1922-1945. Yields of wheat under wheat/fallow as affected by organic residue and N fertilizer, 1922-1945.

8675. Dalal, R.C. and R.J. Mayer. 1986. Long-term trends in fertility of soils under continuous cultivation and cereal cropping in southern Queensland. 1. Overall changes in soil properties. Austr. J. Soil Res. 24:265-279.

10287. Bhatti, A.U., D.J. Mulla, and B.E. Frazier. 1991. Estimation of soil properties and wheat yields on complex eroded hills using geostatistics and thematic mapper images.. Remote Sensing Environ. 37:181-191.
Spatial variability of organic carbon, soil P, and wheat yields was measured in eastern Washington using classical statistics and geostatistics. Organic carbon content was estimated from Landsat Thematic Mapper images. Goestatistics revealed strong spatial correlations relative to classical statistics. The spatial patterns were associated with changes in surface organic matter content across the landscape resulting from extensive erosion.

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