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Sunday, January 20, 2019


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6117. Schafer, E.G., L.C. Wheeting and S.C. Vandecaveye. 1937. Crop rotations.. WA Agr. Expt. Sta. Bull. #344.
Evaluations of crop rotations conducted on plots at Pullman college farm, 1916-34. Bulletin is in two parts, Part I: effect of crop rotation on succeeding crops; Part II: effect of crop rotations on productivity of the soil. The highest average yield was the wheat/summer fallow rotation. Much variation was found in the N/C content of soil in the different plots under the same system of management. This bulletin contains an extensive amount of data. T: yield of winter wheat/summer fallow. Yield of winter wheat/peas. Yield of winter wheat/corn. Yield of spring wheat/peas. Yield of winter wheat/spring wheat/summer fallow. Yield of winter wheat/spring wheat/corn. Yield of winter wheat/spring wheat/sunflowers. Yield of winter wheat/spring wheat/potatoes. Yield of winter wheat/oats/corn. Yield of winter wheat/ sweetclover/peas.

6174. Severance, G., B. Hunter and P. Eke. 1930. Farming systems for eastern Washington and northern Idaho.. ID Agr. Expt. Sta. Bull. #173.
same as WA AES Bull. 244

6555. Smith, V.T.. 1941. The effect of organic residues and fertilizers on the yield and quality of wheat and on the organic matter status of a semi-arid soil.. MS Thesis, Washington State College, Pullman, WA.
OM was increased most by addition of manure and least by 40 lb/ac application of straw. Suggestions for OM maintenance are: a) addition of straw and manure increases C-N of soil without depressing yield; b) addition of ammonium sulfate both with and without straw increases C, N in the spring, N in grain and straw, and yield of straw, without depressing yield; c) addition of either straw and manure or straw and N are equally efficient in increasing C and N in soil. T: many. eg.: grain yields from the Organic Matter Maintenance Series of plots, 1923-1940. Acre inches of available moisture in the soil at the Organic Matter Maintenance Series. Pounds of nitrates per acre at the Organic Matter Maint. Series plots.

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