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Thursday, January 24, 2019


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651. Bakken, L.R., T. Borresen and A. Njos. 1987. Effect of soil compaction by tractor traffic on soil structure, denitrification, and yield of wheat.s. J. of Soil Sci., 38:541-552.
Tractor traffic on wet soil reduced the pore volume, doubled the percentage of large aggregates (>20mm), reduced the wheat yield by about 25%, and increased the N-loss through denitrification by a factor of 3-4. None of these parameters was affected by tractor traffic at low soil moisture content. The weight of the tractor did not significantly alter the effect of compaction on the measured parameters.

5872. Rickman, R.W. and B.L. Klepper. 1980. Wet season aeration problems beneath surface mulches in dryland winter wheat production.. Agron. J., 72:733-736.
Wet season aeration problems beneath surface mulches in dryland winter wheat production. Dentrification was a suspected cause of localized poor growth in winter wheat fields in the Northwest. Measurable anaerobic conditions occurred above and in restricting layers of slowly draining soils supporting poor growth but not in adjacent, unlayered soils supporting good growth. Surface mulch increased water infilitration in both soils but prolonged low oxygen levels in slowly draining soils. Beneath the mulch essentially all of the fertilizer N was lost on the slowly draining soil and yield was 35% lower than that on mulched normal soil.

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