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Friday, March 22, 2019


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10864. Fitch, B.C., S.K. Chong, J. Arosemena, and G.W. Theseira. 1989. Effects of a conditioner on soil physical properties.. Soil Sci. Soc. Amer. J. 53:1536-1539.
Agri-SC, a soil conditioner, was applied at four rates to a silt loam in Illinois for two successive years. There were no effects of the treatments, but the various physical parameters measured all declined the second year, probably due to the detrimental effects of fallow the land during the study.

3742. Kramer, J. and J.E Weaver. 1936. Relative efficiency of roots and tops of plants in protecting the soil from erosion.. Dept. of Conservation Bull. 12, Univ. Nebraska, Lincoln, NE.

7464. Weaver, J.E. and W.C. Noll. 1935. Comparison of runoff and erosion in prairie, pasture, and cultivated land.. Conservation Dept. Bull. 11, Univ. Nebraska, Lincoln, NE.
Relative runoff from 27" rainfall over 15 months on plots with 10% slope: prairie 2.5%; overgrazed pasture 9.1%; bare soil 15.1%. Water penetration was nearly four times as great in prairie as in pasture. Even with runoff, no measurable erosion occurred on any of the grassed plots.

7987. Bahls, L.L. and M.R. Miller. 1953. Saline seep in Montana.. IN: Second Annual Report of the Environmental Quality Council..

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8158. Ferguson, H., P.L. Brown, and M.R. Miller. 1972. Saline seeps on non-irrigated lands of the Northern Plains. p. 169-191.. IN: Control of Agriculture-related Pollution in the Great Plains. Great Plains Agr. Coun. Pub. 60.

8165. Halvorson, A.D. and A.L. Black. 1974. Saline seep development in dryland soils of northwestern Montana.. J. Soil Water Cons. 29(2):77-81.

8186. Miller, M.R., H VanderPluym, H.M. Holm, E.H. Vasey, E.P. Adams, and L.L. Bahls. 1976. An overview of saline-seep problems in the states and provinces of the Great Plains.. Proc. Reg. Saline Seep Control Sypm., Montana Coop. Ext. Bull. 1132..

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