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Thursday, January 24, 2019


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10166. Anon.. 1991. Sludge fertilizers get new life from waste crisis.. Agrichemical Age, March, 1991 p. 46..
With little or no new land available for expanding existing landfills, cities, counties and industries are turning to recycling as an alternative to waste sludge disposal. Treated sewage sludge is now being used as a natural soil amendment. To be eligible for recycling, all sludge must be treated and stabilized to kill any pathogens and to eliminate odors. Treated sludge provides a good source of nutrients to the soil. To the farmer, treated sludge represents an inexpensive source of nitrogen and organic matter which reduces the need for manufactured fertilizers. The EPA supports and promotes recycling of municipal waste and has set guidelines regulating its treatment and use.

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