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Wednesday, December 19, 2018


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8793. Mallawatantri, A.P.. 1990. Effects of long-term management, slope position and depth on pesticide transport parameters.. unpublished manuscript, Program in Environmental Science, Washington St. Univ., Pullman, WA 99164.
Pesticide transport was studied in soils from the adjacent Lambert and Claussen farms, the former using green manures in rotation and no commercial fertilizer, and the latter using more typical farming practices. The four pesticides studied were 2,4-D, diuron, metribuzin, and triallate. Differences in organic carbon were found due to management history, and with depth and slope position on another site. Higher organic carbon on the Lambert farm led to more pesticide adsorption and less potential for leaching. At the mid-slope on the Lambert farm, increases in pesticide adsorption for 2,4-D and diuron is greater than can be explained by organic carbon alone. Triallate was less strongly adsorped in this study than its physio-chemical properties would indicate, while diuron was more strongly adsorbed than expected. The use of weakly adsorbed pesticides at top and middle slope positions where organic carbon is low may be risky.

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