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Sunday, March 24, 2019


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2974. International Atomic Energy Agency and UN Food and Agriculture Organization. 1968. Isotopes and radiation in soil organic matter studies.. Proceedings series, IAEA, Vienna, 584pp..
See especially: Effects of microorganisms on the absorption of inorganic nutrients by plants. p.365. Availability of nitrogen on changes in the humus quality in biochemical threshold range of soils. p.515. T; many.

7189. Vaughan, D., B.G. Ord and R.E. Malcolm. 1978. Effect of soil organic matter on some root surface enzymes of and uptake into winter wheat.. J. Exp. Bot., 29(113):1337-1344.
Soil organic matter (SOM) fractions inhibit the activity of root invertase and phosphate, but the extent of the inhibition depends on the SOM fraction. All SOM fractions inhibit the uptake of glucose into roots but in general stimulate the uptake of inorganic phosphate.

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