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Sunday, January 20, 2019


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1077. Broadbent, F.E. and F.J. Stevenson. 1966. Organic matter interactions.. Agricultural anhydrous ammonia: technology and use. p. 169-197..

6572. Smith, V.T., L.C. Wheeting, and S.C. Vandecaveye. 1946. Effects of organic residues and nitrogen fertilizers on a semiarid soil.. Soil Science 61:393-410.
Determined the effect of wheat straw, manure, and N fertilizer on soil organic matter, N supply of the soil, and yield and protein of wheat, over 18 years. Manure N was equal to treatment with 1600 lb/ac straw and 100 lb/ac ammonium sulfate. No treatment greatly changed wheat yield or test weight. The N content of grain increased with manure, ammonium sulfate alone, and straw plus ammonium sulfate. All treatments increased organic C except 100 lb/ac ammonium sulfate alone, and 50 lb/ac ammonium sulfate plus 800 lb/ac straw, and the check. All plots but 2 lost N during the experiment. The C/N ratio increased in every plot regardless of treatment.

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