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Wednesday, January 23, 2019


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4169. McCalla, T.M.. . Value of organic matter in soil.. Nebraska Crop Improvement Association, p. 22.
A general, but excellent treatment of the subject.

4358. McHenry, J.R., L.T. Alexander and L.L. Zook. 1946. Carbon and nitrogen contents of a chernozem soil as affected by age of perennial grass sods.. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. Proc. 11:407-412.
Compared soil organic carbon and nitrogen changes due to perennial grass established 0-9 yrs; C and N decreased under all treatments, although the changes were slight with more than 6 yr sod; only with >6 yr sod were C and N % significantly greater than continuous cultivation; the system may have been nutrient limited, or it may take longer to develop equilibrium; root mass ranged from 1600-5200 lb/ac/yr. T: carbon and nitrogen levels; root mass.

9809. Weaver, J.E. and G.W. Harmon. 1935. Living materials in prairie soils in relation to run-off and soil erosion.. Univ. Nebraska Bull. 8:1-53, Conservation Dept..
describes root mass contributions by various grass and cultivated crops.

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