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Sunday, March 24, 2019


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1360. Cochran, V.L., L.F. Elliott, and R.I. Papendick. 1982. Effect of crop residue management and tillage on water use efficiency and yield of winter wheat.. Agron. J. 74:929-932.

2088. French, R.J. and J.E. Schultz. 1984. Water use efficiency of wheat in a mediterranean-type environment. II. Some limitations to efficiency.. Aust. J. Agric. Res., 35:765-75.
Water use efficiency and yield of wheat are reduced by insufficient leaf area and by inadequate content of nutrients in the top growth. Yields from field trials are compared with the potential yield, and a review is made of the limitations caused by weeds, the incidence of diseases and the harvest index.

8887. Brown, P.L.. 1971. Water use and soil water depletion by dryland winter wheat as affected by nitrogen fertilization.. Agronomy J. 63:43-46.
Ammonium nitrate was fall applied at rates of 0, 60, and 240 lb N/ac. Water use by winter wheat increased with increasing N rate, and grain yields were 24, 46 and 54 bu/ac respectively. Water use efficiency increased with the 60N rate but slightly decreased with the 240N rate.

10844. Tanaka, D.. 1989. Spring wheat plant parameters as affected by fallow methods in the northern Great Plains.. Soil Sci. Soc. Amer. J. 53:1506-1511.
Chem fallow was compared to stubble mulch and reduced tillage in a spring wheat-fallow rotation. Average surface residue prior to planting was three and two times greater than reduced tillage for chem fallow and stubble mulch, respectively. Chem fallow plots stored more soil water, but this did not increase yield during the study. During years of crop stress resulting from limited soil water, chem fallow may produce higher yields than stubble mulch. Grain water use efficiency was greater for wheat grown on stubble mulch plots than on chem fallow plots.

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