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Sunday, March 24, 2019


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5396. Jackson, G.D. and J.R. Sims. 1977. Comprehensive nitrogen fertilizer management model for winter wheat.. Agron. J. 69:373-377.

5751. Redinger, G.J., G.S. Campbell, K.E. Saxton, and R.I. Papendick. 1984. Infiltration rate of slot mulches: measurement and numerical simulation.. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 48:982-986.

9452. Larson, W.E., J.B. Swan and M.J. Shaffer. 1983. Soil management for semiarid regions.. Agricultural Water Management 7:89-114..
Water related climatic factors and soil physical and chemical properties exert a dominant effect on crop production in semiarid regions. Soil management practices which beneficially affect crop prodution by increasing water storage or through more efficient water use have been intensively studied at a number of locations with their associated soil conditions and under the climatic conditions encountered. The practical benefits of such research have been extensive. Computer-based simulation techniques permit the development of long and short term site specific soil management recommendations with expected results expressed on a probability basis. The research results from specific geographic locations measured under a specific set of climatic conditions can thus be generalized to a much wider range of soils and expressed on a probability basis using long-term climatic records. Examples are given where crop yield frequencies are computed as a function of long-term climatic conditions involving various management practices. These results illustrate the impacts of a range of residue management, deep tillage, and fallowing practices on crop production in the semiarid environment. The modeling techniques presented can be used with a range of models and potential management practices.

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