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Sunday, December 16, 2018


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1344. Clements, H.F.. 1937. Studies in the drought resistance of the sunflower and the potato.. Research studies of the State College of Washington, Vol. V:97-98, Pullman, WA.
Sunflower maintained metabolism better than potato. The nitrogen metabolism was maintained throughout the drought. Sunflower responded by reducing leaf area. Potato could not respond and died prematurely.

1353. Clements, H.F.. 1937. Studies in drought resistance of the soy bean.. Research studies of the State College of Washington, Vol.V (1):1-16.
Growth of plant was observed under normal and drought conditions. Growth under drought conditions was reduced. Hemi-cellulose under drought-resisting plants is much higher; soluble sugars did not change; total starch is increased. Although drought does not slow photosynthesis, it does slow the translocation of plant material. However, N metabolism is maintained at a higher level during drought, even though the growth rate is reduced. T: Growth curves for te various plant organs for 1926-27. Moisture content for various plant organs 1926-27. Nitrogen content for various plant organs 1926-27.

3170. . 1988. International Symposium on Windbreaks Proceedings.. Agric. Ecosystems, Environ. 22/23.

3917. MacDonald, W.. 1911. Dry-farming: its principles and practices.. Century Publ. Co., N.Y..
General narrative and historical account. Chapters include: Soils; soil management; storing water in soil; fallowing; crops; soil fertility; drought. Explains the Campbell system of dry farming.

7878. Lockerman, R.H., D.A. Buss, G. Westesen, and J.R. Sims. 1985. The effect of soil moisture on growth and yield of fababean.. FABIS 11:15-17.

7930. Sims, J.R.. 1988. Research on dryland legume-cereal rotations in Montana.. Symposium on Crop Diversification in Sustainable Agriculture. Univ. of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon.
This paper opens with a review of the long-term findings of historic rotation studies for dry farming in Montana and concludes that improved varieties and management abilities call for a re-examination of alternatives to the crop-fallow system. A short description of ley farming in Australia follows, and then research on adapting it to Montana conditions is presented. Results to date indicate the potential for both grain and forage legumes to successfully precede a cereal crop without significant cereal yield losses, and with a reduced need for nitrogen fertilizer. T: medic soil water use and N contribution; wheat yields after medics; pulse and cereal grain yields; annual legume forage yields; fertilizer response curves for barley with various forecrops.

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