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Monday, March 25, 2019


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10011. Briggs, L.J. and J.O. Belz. 1910. Dry farming in relation to rainfall and evaporation.. USDA Bureau of Plant Industry, Bulletin 188, 71 pp..
This bulletin discusses the importance of using such factors as amount and character of rainfall and evaporation to determine the amount of rainfall that is actually available for crop growth. The seasonal distribution of rainfall has been found to play a large part in determing farming practices. In areas that receive most of the rainfall in winter or early spring, spring wheat is not successfull because it is too dry when the wheat is maturing. In these regions, winter wheat should be grown on summer tilled land. Regions where the summer rainfall comes in showers of less than 1/2 inch are not adapted to fallow because more rainfall is evaporated than penetrates the soil. A rough, uneven surface is best for preventing run-off in areas that have torrential summer rains.

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