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Wednesday, January 23, 2019


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2673. Holter, V.. 1978. Nitrogen fixation of four legumes in relation to above-ground biomass, root biomass, nodule number, and water content of the soil.. Oikos 31:230-235.
The study attempted to determine which plant characteristic was best correlated to acetylene reduction, and at what drought point it would stop. Four legumes were compared: vetch, red clover, -- clover, and black medic. All showed a drop in acetylene reduction around 8% water content on a clay soil. The correlation of various plant parameters with acetylene reduction was poor.

6892. Turkington, R.A. and P.B. Cavers. 1978. Reproductive strategies and growth patterns in four legumes.. Can. J. Botany 56:413-416.
Four legumes (alfalfa, black medic, red clover, white clover) were studied for their comparative reproductive strategies. Black medic was the first to flower and had produced seeds after only 9 weeks. Medic allocated 30% of its biomass to seed production. Alfalfa allocated about 65% of its total biomass dry weight to root production. These were the two extremes, with the clovers falling in between.

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