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Friday, December 14, 2018


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108. Abernathy, R.H. and W.H. Bohl. 1987. Effects of forage legumes on yield and nitrogen uptake by a succeeding barley crop.. Applied Agr. Res., 2:97-102.
In Wyoming, the effects of spring-planted alfalfa, Austrian winter pea, hairy vetch and sainfoin, with and without a legume forage harvest, on a succeeding barley crop were compared under conditions of high elevation and a short growing season. Uncut hairy vetch, Austrian winter pea, and cut or uncut alfalfa provided barley growth greater than or equal to 100 kg of fertilizer N/ha. Barley following sainfoin performed better than the barley grown with no fertilizer or legume, but did not perform as well as the barley control treatment that received 100 kg of N/ha. Alfalfa performed best of all under these conditions, and provided adequate barley growth even with the removal of 3.7 Mg/ha forage.

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