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Monday, February 18, 2019


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395. Anon.. undated. Soil conservation with adapted legumes and grasses.. .
Discussed planting and mangement of legumes and grasses; sweetclover for pasture, hay or green manure; sweetclover seed production.

643. Baker, V.W. and I.P. Swanson. 1962. Economic effects of a grass-legume rotation in Palouse wheat-pea area.. WA Agr. Expt. Sta. Circular #183.
Farms using a grass-legume rotation show important economic advantages over other farms in comparison of 5 year data from 3 pairs of Palouse farms. T: Amount of cropland by type of crop. Average annual crop production. Cost inputs and income per cropland acre. Calculated erosion losses.

5836. Renney, C.W., J.L. Schwendiman and A.L. Hafenrichter. 1967. Grasses and legumes for conservation use in semiarid wheat-fallow areas of eastern Washington.. USDA-SCS, Portland, OR..
Over 20 tables of data, and excellent discussion of varieties and trials. T: Many, eg.: Yield and stand by use groups of accessions harvested annually for 4-7 yrs. Production of bunch grass-type wheatgrass at Lind, 1937-1962. Annual average yields of legumes planted in 3 foot rows. Production from a 4 yr old planting of crested wheatgrass and Ladak alfalfa, 1943.

6978. USDA Soil Conservation Service. 1938. Study of erosion controlling forage plants.. USDA - SCS, Pullman, WA.
Promising new legumes - milk vetch species, big headed clover, flat pea, siberian alfalfa, black medic, trailing birdsfoot, sanfoin, lupin, Montana goldenpea, perennial vetch. Yellow sweetclover was superior to white under drought conditions; dwarf varieties recommended in drier areas; clipping sweetclover reduced vigor, hay yield and total N per acre; Ladak the best alfalfa variety for the region.

6998. USDA Soil Conservation Service. 1940. Proceedings Annual Agronomy Conference and Grass School.. SCS Region 9.

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