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Sunday, March 24, 2019


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4982. Painter, C.G. and G.O. Baker. 1960. A guide for fertilizing Idaho farm crops.. ID Agr. Extension Serv. Bull. #325, Combined Series.
First guide (?) published; 1958 - 100,000 T of commercial fertilizer used in Idaho; fertilizer not a cure-all; irrigated and dryland recommendations; wheat (annual crop zone) after fallow 30N, after green manure 0N, after grain 50N, after peas 40N; wheat (fallow zone) after fallow 20N, after green manure 0N, after grain 30N; wheat (tetonia) N not generally needed. T: fertilizer recommendations.

7841. Koala, S., J.R. Sims, H. El-Attar, and M. El-Halfawia. 1988. Phosphorus deficiency in semi-arid tropics and implications for grain legume production. p. 205-216.. IN: R.J. Summerfield (ed.). World Crops: Cool Season Food Legumes..

7885. McGuire, C., R. Lockerman, R. Speilman, L. Welty, L. Prestbye, R. Engel, J. Sims, and J. Bunker. 1989. Nitrogen contribution of annual legumes to the grain protein content of Clark barley production.. Applied Agric. Res. 4:118-121.

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