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5926. Agustinho, R.A., R.L. Dunn, R.L. Ditterline, and L.E. Welty. 1988. Evaluation of short duration grazing on alfalfa for use in Montana.. West. Soc. of Crop Sci. Abstr. p. 6.

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7994. Stewart, V.R., L.S> Prestbye, T.K. Keener, and L.E. Welty. 1986. Weed control in sod-seeded alfalfa.. Montana AgResearch 3(1):21-24.

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8043. Welty, L.E., R.L. Ditterline, J.A. Hall, and L.E. Prestbye. 1988. Effect of tillage for renovation of established alfalfa.. Applied Agric. Res. 3:123-127.

8080. Welty, L.E., J.A. Hall, R.L. Ditterline, and L.S. Prestbye. 1987. Response of alfalfa to three levels of spring tillage.. Montana AgResearch 4(3):5-7.
Tillage of alfalfa is practiced in many areas of Montana to control weeds and stimulate alfalfa growth. Results from around the country have been variable. Three tillage methods were compared in this study: deep, one-pass with a field cultivator; shallow, one-pass; one-pass discing. Increased tillage did reduce stand densities, but yields were not greatly affected due to plant compensation. Under no circumstances did tillage of a young vigorous stand significantly increase alfalfa yields compared to the control. Tillage did increase N and P concentrations in alfalfa, particularly in early spring.

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