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Sunday, December 16, 2018


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1837. Elliott, E.E.. 1907. Growing alfalfa without irrigation in Washington.. WA Agr. Expt. Sta. Bull. #80.
Covers: history, varieties, trials, field tests, reports from farmers; cultivation; the soil prep.; seed and seeding; nurse crops; first season; disking; inoculation; alfalfa as a soil improver; uses of alfalfa; combination crops for hay; difficulties in growing; yields over 10 yrs ranged from 2-4.5 T/ac usually not enough of a 2nd cutting to cut, although good growth always occurred. Grown for seed, dryland - yields estimated at 250-300 lb/ac, cultivation between rows is advised. Should be seeded lighter than for hay. T: Yields of hay from different plots.

3786. Kreizinger, E.J. and A.G. Law. 1945. Alfalfa in eastern Washington.. WA Agr. Expt. Sta. Bull. #462.
A comprehensive treatment of the subject. Covers: variety; culture; management; haying; grading; silage; pasture; seed production; seed certification; insects and diseases. Seed yields were 32-148 lb/ac. Hay yields were 2.5-5 T/ac, 15% moisture. T: Acreage and production of alfalfa in E. WA. 1909-1940. Yields when seeded alone vs. nurse crops. Variety yields. Hay grades. Seed production.

4115. Mathers, A.C., B.A. Stewert and B. Blair. 1975. Nitrate-nitrogen removal from soil profiles by alfalfa.. J. Environmental Quality, 4(3):403-405.
Alfalfa was shown to be effective in removing nitrate from soil profiles deeper than the annual crop rooting zone. In spite of being a N-fixer, alfalfa will utilize nitrogen from the soil first. It can be used in rotation with annual crops to reduce groundwater contamination by agricultural applications of N. T: Nitrate-N removal from soil by alfalfa by depth.

4789. Neller, J.R.. 1925. The influence of sulfur and gypsum upon the composition and yield of alfalfa.. WA Agr. Expt. Sta. Bull. #190.
Results are based on greenhouse experiments. Sulfur and gypsum increased yields. Increases in the total N content of alfalfa was noted. Recommended applications of 75 lb S and 200 lb gypsum. T: N and S content of 3 soil types in eastern WA. Yields of alfalfa on Palouse silt loam under various sulfur and gypsum treatments. Yields of first cutting alfalfa and pH values of various soils. Effect of 150 lb of S on alfalfa N and yield.

6184. Severance, G.. 1919. Growing alfalfa without irrigation.. WA Agr. Expt. Sta. Irregular Series #52.
A basic how-to bulletin. Yields at WSC have been 2-3 1/2 T/ac, with extremes of 2-4 T/ac.

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