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Sunday, January 20, 2019


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6525. Brown, P.L.. 1965. Legumes and grasses in dryland cropping systems in the Northern and Central Great Plains.. USDA-ARS Misc. Publ. No. 952.

108. Abernathy, R.H. and W.H. Bohl. 1987. Effects of forage legumes on yield and nitrogen uptake by a succeeding barley crop.. Applied Agr. Res., 2:97-102.
In Wyoming, the effects of spring-planted alfalfa, Austrian winter pea, hairy vetch and sainfoin, with and without a legume forage harvest, on a succeeding barley crop were compared under conditions of high elevation and a short growing season. Uncut hairy vetch, Austrian winter pea, and cut or uncut alfalfa provided barley growth greater than or equal to 100 kg of fertilizer N/ha. Barley following sainfoin performed better than the barley grown with no fertilizer or legume, but did not perform as well as the barley control treatment that received 100 kg of N/ha. Alfalfa performed best of all under these conditions, and provided adequate barley growth even with the removal of 3.7 Mg/ha forage.

1113. Buffum, B.C.. 1900. Alfalfa as a fertilizer and soil improver.. WY Agr. Expt. Sta. Bulletin 44.
Five years of alfalfa in the rotation increased the yield of the following crops by 65, 108, and 55% for spring wheat, oats, and potatoes respectively.

4798. Nelson, A.L.. 1930. Methods of spring wheat tillage.. WY Agr. Expt. Sta. Bulletin 173.
No spring wheat yield benefit was realized from having winter rye or peas as green manure in the rotation over 17 years. Some years it was observed that the green manure had not begun to decay a year after plowdown. For the first five years of the study, the pea green manure in rotation was superior to fallow preceding spring wheat. A 3-year rotation study found spring wheat to yield 23% more following dry beans compared to corn.

4817. Nelson, A.L.. 1933. Grasses, alfalfa, and sweetclover at the Archer Field Station.. WY Agr. Expt. Sta. Bulletin 195.
Alfalfa was not successful as a legume in rotation with cereals over 16 years. Oat yields following 2 years alfalfa were 14.7 bu/ac compared to 21.5 following corn. Alfalfa greatly depleted soil moisture.

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