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Wednesday, December 12, 2018


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6459. Smith, H.A., C. Rust, D. Baldridge, and L. Welty. 1989. Lentils: a potential specialty crop.. MSU Extension Service Montguide MT8905.
Describes potential for lentils in Montana, including a green manure lentil. Precipitation in the range of 10-11 inches has reportedly produced excellent grain yields. Weed control is essential. A partial production budget for recrop lentils is listed, showing a net return of $26/ac for a yield of 800 lb/ac @ $.13 per pound.

7786. Engel, R., L.E. Welty, R. Lockerman, J. Bergman, G. Kushnak, L. Prestbye, and J. Sims. 1987. Annual legumes and cereal grain rotations in Montana.. Montana AgResearch 4(3):1-4.
Montana researchers examined the performance of several grain legumes (dry pea, chickpea, lentil) and their effect on a subsequent barley crop. Dry pea production was the highest. A subsequent barley crop rsponded to added N fertilizer at three out of six sites. Barley yields following legumes were generally equal to or greater than yields following fallow. The annual legumes contributed to soil N and reduced the fertilizer N needed to reach maximum yield by 40-55 lb N/ac when compared to recrop barley. This translated into savings of $10-14/ac for fertilizer N.

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