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Wednesday, December 19, 2018


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1475. Crea, M.. 1978. Idaho agricultural commodity statistics. Historical series 1900-1976.. ID Agr. Expt. Sta. Misc. Series #43.

4713. Murray, G.A. and J.B. Swenson. 1984. Intercropping Austrian winter peas and winter cereals for seed.. ID Agr. Expt. Sta. CIS #749.
Peas seeded at 25, 50 and 75% of mixture with winter wheat or barley; both crops harvested on same day; 25% cereal, 75% pea was best mix; less lodging, less disease, 27% yield increase; cereal yields very low; apperently no N advantage to cereal from the pea; less lodging with winter wheat compared to winter barley; better maturity match with barley; LER over 130 with WW(25%) + WP(75%). T: yield, seed size.

4982. Painter, C.G. and G.O. Baker. 1960. A guide for fertilizing Idaho farm crops.. ID Agr. Extension Serv. Bull. #325, Combined Series.
First guide (?) published; 1958 - 100,000 T of commercial fertilizer used in Idaho; fertilizer not a cure-all; irrigated and dryland recommendations; wheat (annual crop zone) after fallow 30N, after green manure 0N, after grain 50N, after peas 40N; wheat (fallow zone) after fallow 20N, after green manure 0N, after grain 30N; wheat (tetonia) N not generally needed. T: fertilizer recommendations.

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