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Monday, February 18, 2019


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3816. Ladd, J., J. Oades, and M. Amato. 1981. Distribution and recovery of nitrogen from legume residues decomposing in soils sown to wheat in the field.. Soil Biol. Biochem. 13:251-256.

10277. Silsbury, J.H.. 1990. Grain yield of wheat in rotation with pea, vetch, or medic grown with three systems of management.. Austral. J. Expt. Agric. 30:645-649.
Pea, vetch, and medic were grown in South Australia and subjected to plowing as a green manure, seed harvest and residued plowed in, and seed harvest and residues removed. Wheat was then sown over all plots the following year. There were no differences in the wheat yield or protein due to legume species. Plowing in a green manure added about 100 kg N/ha more than removal of seed and residue, while removing seed only added 26 kg N/ha more. Wheat yield was 50% higher after green manure, and 10% higher after seed removal only, than after total removal.

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