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Friday, February 22, 2019


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169. Aldrich, J.M.. 1894. Insecticides and Spraying. ID Agr. Expt. Sta. Bull. #7.
Refers to all of Idaho; originally few insect pests of crops; now seeing coddling moth, sun jose scale; recommending early insecticides.

3145. Lockwood, J, W. Kemp, and J. Onsager. 1988. Long-term, large-scale effects of insecticidal control on rangeland grasshopper populations.. J. Economic Entomology 81:1259-1264.
Intensive application of broad spectrum insecticides to control economically damaging populations of rangeland grasshoppers in Wyoming appears to have increased the probability, duration, and stability of grasshopper outbreaks. The study compares about 30 years of data on grasshopper infestations and pesticide management between bordering counties. The county with greater insecticide treatment had longer, more stable, and more frequent infestations that were economically damaging. This was attributed to the reduction of parasites and predators of grasshoppers.

4050. Manis, H.C. and R.W. Pertmen. 1950. Idaho recommendations for insect control.. ID Agr. Expt. Sta. Bull. #279.
First mention of DDT, also chlordane, EDB, lindane, parthion, PCP, Toxophene.

10747. Anon.. 1991. Guarding the granary.. Harrowsmith Country Life, Jul/Aug 1991, p. 102.
USDA tests have shown that predatory insects do a better job of controlling stored grain pests than fumigation, and pose no risk of contamination. New regulations are needed to allow introduction of biocontrol insects into grain bins. These bugs can be easily removed during cleaning, but their levels generally do not get high. Using the bugs before harvest will help eliminate residual pests and add to the prevention of a problem.

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