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Saturday, January 19, 2019


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9609. Freyman, S. and M.S. Kaldy. 1979. Relationship of soil fertility to cold hardiness of winter wheat crowns.. Can. J. Plant Science 59:853-855..
In two controlled-environment experiments, N fertilizer applied to a Dark Brown prairie soil decreased cold hardiness of winter wheat, while P applied in the absence of N had little effect. When applied together, P counteracted the effect of N and produced plants as hardy as those that had received no fertilizer. The soil was rich in K; consequently applicaton of additional amounts of this element had no effect on cold hardiness. The correlation coefficient between dry weight of crowns and cold hardiness was not significant, but that between water content and LT was highly significant.

9748. Tyler, N.J., L.V. Gusta and D.B. Fowler. 1980. The influence of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium on the cold acclimation of winter wheat.. Can. J. Plant Science 61:879-885..
Mineral nutrition influenced the rate of cold acclimation and the level of hardiness attained by winter wheat plants grown in modified Hoagland's solution. Plants grown in modified Hoagland's solution at a) one-half strength (control); (b) low potassium and (c) low phosphorus, acclimated the fastest and were the hardiest. Plants grown in high and very high levels of nitrogen and a high level of phosphorus were the least hardy.

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